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Heli Heroes Get EyeSave Mode - Facts and Screens

by Thomas on Jan. 14, 2002 @ 10:12 p.m. PST

Zuxxez Entertainment AG, Worms, Germany, today announced the release of their groundbreaking new EyeSave technology which allows for the ultimate PC-Gaming experience. Full pressrelease below with 4 new screens. Enjoy!

Heli Heroes will be the first PC-Game with EyeSave Mode™

Arcade and fast-action computer games sometimes keep gamers playing for hours on end. Especially hardcore gaming fans spend many hours a day playing their favourite titles. Particularly with fast-action games, the gamer’s eyes can become strained through the colourful and fast effects of modern graphic engines. When the eyes get tired due to these stimulations, even the best games are no longer fun to play or the endurance needed to compete is no longer available.

During the extensive beta tests of Reality Pumps new arcade shooter renaissance “HeliHeroes”, the experienced developer team concentrated on reducing the exertion of extended play – and was successful. For the first time in gaming history, an optional mode which reduces and replaces colours, increases the refresh rate, and makes animations flow much smoother has been integrated into “HeliHeroes”. The result is an effective reduction in exertion and an eye-relieving experience allowing for a much longer playing time, while making almost no sacrifice in the outstanding rendering quality of the game.

“During the tests of our highly addictive arcade shooter, our testers spent many hours playing. We wanted to find a way to subtly subdue the fantastic graphical effects of HeliHeroes, so that hardcore gamers could stay in top shape for a long time, yet still retain the games outstanding quality”, commented Alexandra Constandache, Senior Producer at Zuxxez Entertainment. “Our solution is optimal – casual gamers can enjoy the spectacular effects, while the hardcore action shooter fans can tame the effects for a non-stop gaming endurance. Now all gamers can play much longer and still get those net high scores!”

“HeliHeroes” will reach master status in the coming days and be released in January 2002.

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