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Dark Beginnings - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Jan. 15, 2002 @ 6:10 p.m. PST

Dark Beginnings developed by elvengames is a fully 3D MMORPG where you take on the role of a player and help him live in the game world. Facts and some screens below.

In 2035 earth made first contact with real aliens. Soon after this contact earth fell under attack by another alien. These brutal attacks caused more then 69% of the Earth's population to be wiped out. After 5 months of strong fighting General Ian Hawks decided that if the human race was to have a chance to survive they would have to leave earth. A large group of men and women came to the launch area to be put into Cryosleep so they could survive the trip. Along with these brave men and women were many troops under the lead of General Hawks. As the ship was completely automated no one on board knew that as the ship launched, the launch area fell under heavy attack and was destroyed just a few minutes after launch.

The ship called the, United Earth Collective, UEC Concorde flew into space for 4 years before coming out of hyperspace near a large earth like planet. Due to some damage suffered in the final attack, increased by the strain of hyperspace when the ships computer started the landing sequence it crashed. Although the ship would never fly again the Cryosleep pods remained intact. The first humans to leave the pods found that they were on a planet much like earth. After some time these first humans learned they were not alone. Already living on the planet was a variety of different species. The first was a two meter tall specie that had no name but soon got use the humans calling them elves. Already humans were settling small areas on the vast lands. It was in these hills and flatlands that humans have meet the war like Berrache and the peaceful Aquanites. Three years later humans find themselves almost at home with their allies.

But now a new threat has come. It started with a few small disappearances and has grown to every town. Some claim it is the rouge group of Vellariain who's looks and manor closely mimic a vampire. Others claim that the aliens who attack earth and their mutants are killing the people off one by one. To this day no one can say for sure.

New things are found on Arwik all the time, and now as humans and their allies settle farther north they find evidence of yet another race. But a blanket of fear and myths cloud the judgement of all as this new race looks like a creature from the lore of Earth's past, werewolves.

The choice is up to you. Will you join the humans with their advanced skills of technology? Or tread the dark path of the Vellariain? Better still join the Elves and build their empire to great power. The choice is yours my friend.

There is no demo available untill March/April..

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