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Myrmidon - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Jan. 15, 2002 @ 6:39 p.m. PST

21-6 Productions is currently working on a new RPG title, Myrmidon. Myrmidon will focus on team adventuring and RPG elements such as character building and combat. Myrmidon will also focus heavily on mission-based adventuring. Each mission is basically a self-contained adventure in itself. Unlike MMORPG's, Myrmidon will allow you to quickly get to the adventuring aspect of play, rather than spending inordinate amounts of time running between locations in order to get to the start of the adventure.

The Terran year is 3035. For the past 700 years the human race has spread like a plague across the galaxy. Having achieved what they believe to be a ‘higher morality’ and ‘evolutionary superiority’ to the rest of the known species of the galaxy, they have embarked on a quest to 'cleanse' the galaxy of those that would defy them.

Throughout the years, Terrans have detached themselves from the physical act of war. Rather than taint pure human souls with the filth of war, they used the technologies and genetics of species they control to create the Myrmidon.

The Myrmidon, or Myr, is the sword extension of the Terran war arm. The Myr is a war machine unlike any before it. It is a hybrid of all technologies and species controlled by the Terran Empire. Foot soldiers, pilots, and field generals alike are engineered and raised like crops in a vast complex of laboratories collectively known as the Pool. Scientists working in the Pool experiment extensively in order to create the ultimate warriors. Foot soldiers are made of strength, aggression, and cybernetic weaponry, while commanders are the stuff of quick minds and steadfast determination.

One thing that all Myr are created to lack is uniqueness. If you are a Myr, that is all you are. You are just a piece of the war machine. You are not important, only the machine is important.

However, there are sometimes flaws in the designs. Occasionally, a Myr achieves self-actualization. When a Myr does this, they do something which is outlawed: they question. According to Terran law any Myr that achieves self-actualization is a Defect. Defects are sent back to the Pool for 'rejoining' - a complete mind wipe and reprogramming.

You are a Defect. You have been herded onto a vessel on its way to the Pool. There you will be rejoined.

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