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Ghost Recon Patch Announced

by Thomas on Jan. 18, 2002 @ 11:40 a.m. PST

Ubi Soft has officially announced the first Ghost Recon patch, scheduled to be released at the end of this month. Read more below to se what this patch fixes/changes.

Weapons and equipment features:

  • Binocular behavior changed to match that of the sniper rifle. Pressing the zoom in key once will take you to 5x, pressing it again will take you to 10x. If you just press the fire button (like the previous behavior), you'll zoom to 5x for as long as you hold the button.
  • AN/GSQ-187 Sensor range changed to 40m.
  • Added setting for default rate of fire in multiplayer.

Interface and gameplay improvements:

  • Added an auto-run option.
  • Quick load feature added to end mission screen to allow player quick access to his last saved game after the end of the mission.

Graphics and Sound Improvements:

  • Added mipmapping to reduce flickering of distant textures.
  • Improved interface for Voodoo3 and similar video cards (however, it must still be noted that the Voodoo3 card is still unsupported and not recommended for use with Ghost Recon).
  • Corrected a few problems associated with full scene antialiasing.
  • The "Popping" bug has been fixed and the whole sound system has been improved.
  • Software-only option added for sound.


  • Improved mod support to correct some problems with mods.
  • New IFF options added, including "always-on" player tags.
  • Added multiplayer launch countdown.
  • Improved dialup modem performance.
  • Color coded in-game chat text.
  • Dedicated server will no longer utilize the CPU at 100%.


  • The AI has been tweaked for more predictable and more proper behavior. The AI is more likely to peek around trees and bushes, more likely to pay attention to lines of fire and less likely to run to safety through dangerous areas. On the other hand, the enemy AI is more apt to use hand grenades to root you out of hiding, and accuracy and rate-of-fire stats for all AI characters are being tweaked. As always, many of the enemy AI qualities are design elements, and balance and playtesting are as important in those areas as functionality.

Miscellaneous and architecture

  • Several art and geometry updates to correct bullet penetration and a few exploits as well as a respawn bug in multiplayer.
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