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UO: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge Facts & Art

by Thomas on Jan. 2, 2002 @ 10:30 a.m. PST

Ultima Online has been available to the public for over 4 years, providing a fantasy online world to complement the Ultima series of games. With over 230,000 subscribers from every continent on Earth, it has unparalleled experience and depth. Now we got 12 bits of character art and more facts from Lord Blackthorn's Revenge!

UO gives a player access to a persistent-state world that exists in real time, 24 hours a day, 365.25 days a year - and the amount of time devoted to playing continues to reflect the amount of passion players have for UO. About ½ the active subscribers are logging onto UO every day and the average player logs about 12 hours every week. The people who play UO regularly are heavy users and extremely absorbed into the whole experience. Then UO launched in 1997 it was the first successful multiplayer role-playing product in the market. Despite competition from EverQuest, Anarchy Online, Asheron's Call and the newly released Dark Ages of Camelot, Ultima Online has expanded and gone from strength to strength as the multiplayer online marketplace climbs.

Product Overview

Ultima Online, the Internet's premiere fantasy world experience, now deeper and darker with over 30 new monsters from the mind of Todd McFarlane.

The worlds of Ultima Online have been revolutionized with exotic and fantastical creatures. Enter a world oppressed by evil forces, where diabolical villains have returned and aligned their powers in an attempt to conquer and vanquish the virtuous. Over 30 new monsters and creatures designed by Todd McFarlane add a darker twist to the once familiar land of Ilshenar. A new land area located in the centre of Ilshenar is the setting for the beginning of this dark siege. Who will prevail in this legendary battle of good versus evil? What new characters will emerge to protect and defend the heroes of Britannia™? What frightening and evil foes await them?

Join the world of Sosaria and help the citizens save their land from Lord Blackthorn's Revenge.

Key Features


Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge will offer both the new and current player a host of new and exciting features significantly expanding the depth of the experience offered in the game world.

  • Over 30 new monsters and creatures from the mind of Todd McFarlane. Who better than the master of Spawn™ himself to create the most compelling and fantastic monsters ever to roam an online massively multiplayer world? These new monsters will be as clever as they are visually compelling. Watch where you go, because you never know where one might just "spawn."
  • Access to the 3D land of Ilshenar for 2D players. Now, all the citizens of Britannia can enter the realm of Ilshenar and experience all its fantastic glory in both 2D and 3D. Monsters, creatures, and map locations will all be available to the 2D player in their full beauty as exact replicas of their 3D models. It's also rumoured that Lord Blackthorn will be making his new home somewhere in the land of Ilshenar. See it and experience it as you have always wanted to, and join the fight for Virtue!
  • Over 30 new items to craft, collect, and trade. Make no mistake, Britannia is growing. There will be new items to craft, collect, and trade. Try your skills as a Blacksmith, Swordsman or Mage. Each profession has its own set of challenges and rewards, as well as special strengths. Just don't get caught wandering alone by Lord Blackthorn or his fearsome minions!
  • New ongoing fiction tied to in-game events in which players determine the outcome. An intriguing plotline has been introduced, which describes a series of events taking place in the world, portending an oncoming reign of evil. This ongoing fiction will spin a tale of intrigue and deception, and new fiction will continue to be released here on our website, both prior to and following the launch of Lord Blackthorn's Revenge. Each chapter will have serious and far-reaching repercussions on the world of Sosaria. Only by taking action and joining forces as allies will the citizens of Britannia be able to push back and affect the outcomes of the battles to come. Join the battle, help fight for a virtuous land, and stop Lord Blackthorn's Revenge from destroying the world of Sosaria.
  • Monster AI oriented toward strategic combat tactics as opposed to simple skill gain. Now, the monsters and creatures populating the world of Sosaria will be even more clever and compelling. Some of them will have special powers, and only through ingenuity and logic will they be bested. However, if you do defeat them, great rewards will be yours. You may even win their undying loyalty or, in some cases, their loathing!
  • Significantly enhanced new player experience. Joining the world of Britannia as a new citizen just got better, easier, and a lot more fun! Now, new player templates have been adjusted to allow new players to learn skills and develop their abilities at a much more manageable rate while having fun and participating in new player quests and combat situations. Also, new players will be actively recruited by veteran players to increase their strengths and Virtue levels. Plus, a new Game Wizard tied to the UO website is available to answer any questions a player may have as they explore the land. A fully downloadable version of the New Player Guide is also updated and accessible through the website at
  • Introduction of a Virtue System. An additional level of character development will enhance your ability to customize your character in the world of Sosaria. Learn about all the Virtues, how they will combine for different character combinations, as well as how to gain or lose them. Who do you want to be: a noble lord or an honest merchant? The choice is yours!

Target Audience

Current UO players, Lapsed UO players, New UO players

Current UO players:

  • Need to purchase the retail product in order to access the new features. Nothing from this product will be patched and free to current players.
  • Range from highly dedicated UO players with vested emotional interested in their characters, possessions in game, and sometimes numerous accounts, to single account holder players, socialising in game.

Lapsed UO Players:

  • Could well be tempted by the new experiences in this product.
  • Are always looking for the next big online gaming experience.
  • More often than not, did not stop playing online games, but switched brand when cancelling their UO account.

New UO players:

  • Need a box that stands out from the crowd in store.
  • Have either NO expectations, or very high expectations for a PSW product.
  • Need assurance of a great new player experience. Ease of use is critical.
  • Need persuading that the UO brand is new, exciting, full of potential and online experiences they don't see in other products
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