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THQ 2002 Lineup

by Thomas on Jan. 28, 2002 @ 9:17 a.m. PST

THQ Inc. today announced details of its 2002 videogame lineup, which features a diverse array of titles for the new generation of game consoles and includes some of the biggest brands in the industry.



Leading Publisher Assembles A Complete Portfolio Catering To Broad Gaming Audience

“THQ looks forward to delivering the best gaming content in 2002,” said Brian Farrell, president and CEO of THQ. “This year’s lineup includes several new brands like Britney Spears and Pride FC™, as well as sequels to some of the biggest brands in console gaming like Red Faction™, Summoner™ and World Wrestling Federation®. We are delighted to be kicking-off 2002 with an expanding portfolio of product catering to every game player and every game system.”

Highlights of THQ’s 2002 Editors’ Day include:

WWF WrestleMania® X8 - In this latest World Wrestling Federation offering from THQ and Jakks Pacific, gamers will experience unmatched detail and wrestling action as they square off against more than 35 Superstars in one of the deepest wrestling games to date. Exclusively for GameCube™, WWF WrestleMania X8 will be available this summer.

Summoner™ 2 - A role-playing fantasy epic from THQ’s Volition studio, Summoner 2 carries on the unique universe seen in the original - fascinating characters, mystifying spells, and an engaging storyline. Exclusively for PlayStation® 2, Summoner 2 will be available this fall.

Pride FC™ - Pride FC is the world’s most intense fighting promotion pitting the top fighters in the world from several different combative sports including wrestling, karate, judo, kick-boxing, and others into one ring. Developed by acclaimed fighting game creator Anchor, Pride FC will be available this summer exclusively for PlayStation 2.

Hot Wheels™ - This title brings to life the power, speed and attitude of Hot Wheels by combining ultra-cool speed-based missions with dark, moody environments for the ultimate car combat experience. Available this fall for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and PC.

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology™ - MotoGP is the world’s fastest, most advanced form of motorcycle racing. With Grand Prix races taking place on all five continents and millions of television viewers per event, MotoGP features all of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers including Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. MotoGP will be available for Xbox this summer and Game Boy Advance this spring.

MX - The next installment of THQ’s MX series is the most complete motocross game to date. Along with the return of Ricky Carmichael and other pro riders, this year’s edition boasts an enhanced freestyle mode, expansive environments and wide-open worlds for gamers to explore. Developed by THQ’s Pacific Coast Power & Light Co. studio, MX will be available for GameCube and PlayStation 2 this summer followed by an Xbox release in winter.

Toxic Grind™ - This first mission-based BMX game with a storyline will enthrall gamers with comic book-style cinematics and dynamic, hazard-filled environments. Toxic Grind will be available for Xbox and GameCube in the second half of 2002.

New Legends™ - Futuristic China comes to life as players embark on an adventure laced with exhilarating combat in this third-person action game that sets man against militia. Exclusively for Xbox, New Legends will ship in late February.

WWF Raw® - THQ and Jakks Pacific give players unsurpassed realism and highly-detailed graphics in their quest for the WWF Heavyweight Championship as The Rock™, Stone Cold Steve Austin™ or one of 45 other superstars. Exclusively for Xbox, WWF Raw will be available this February.

Dark Summit™ - Snowboarding action is intertwined with an in-depth story line and strategy missions as players unravel the mystery of Mt. Garrick. Dark Summit will be available for GameCube this February.

THQ also offers a deep catalog of all-ages interactive entertainment titles. Key offerings include:

Britney’s Dance Beat™ - Pop sensation Britney Spears is looking for gamers who can keep the beat to try out to be her back-up dancers. Features Britney Spears’ songs, exclusive concert footage and interview clips. Available this spring for PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance and PC.

Scooby-Doo!™ - Zoinks - Scooby’s friends have been kidnapped! Players will guide the beloved canine through 12 huge, creepy levels to find the crew and unmask the villain. Based on the classic television series. Available this summer for PlayStation 2 and Game Cube.

Sega® Game Boy Advance titles - THQ is releasing six titles through this summer developed by Sega for Game Boy Advance, including the always popular Sonic in Sonic Advance™, The Pinball of the Dead™, puzzle games Puyo Pop™ and Columns Crown™, and Baseball Advance™.

THQ will be previewing even more 2002 titles at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition in May. These games include Red Faction 2, Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power 2 (working title), Rugrats 5 (working title), SpongeBob SquarePants 2 (working title), The Wild Thornberrys (working title) and Hey Arnold! The Movie (working title), the next installment in the WWF SmackDown!™ franchise, Battlebots®, more Game Boy Advance titles co-developed with Sega, Tetris Worlds™, and a Jimmy Neutron title based on the upcoming television series.

Beyond console and PC games, THQ is also aggressively targeting the wireless games market in 2002. Its recently announced global agreement with Motorola includes the release of several games on Motorola’s current and next generation mobile handsets. The first four games, WWF Mobile Madness™, Tetris, Intellivision’s AstroSmash and Moto GP™ will launch in North America this month, with worldwide distribution to follow throughout the year. THQ will also develop and publish some of its popular games for Sprint PCS Wireless Web and Third Generation Sprint PCS phones.

For more information on the 2002 videogame lineup, or the rest of THQ's offerings, visit

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