'Snapshot! Paparazzi' - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Jan. 28, 2002 @ 12:31 p.m. PST

The paparazzi are unscrupulous photo reporters who are always about to pry into the private life of the „untouchables", the celebrities and other public figures. For them, money comes second. What really matters to a paparazzo is professional reputation and the successful exposure of a famous personality. Released date: 2003/Q1.. Facts and screens below.

Snapshot! - Paparazzi

A compromising photo appearing on the front page of a tabloid, which has an endless hunger for some juicy scandal, is a smashing hit, something that sells the magazines to the curious public in thousands of copies.

The paparazzi are the soldiers of fortune, the daredevil adventurers, whose pictures exhibit the diva sunbathing naked, embarrass the television showman teetering in a nightclub stone drunk. Their snapshots compromise the alcoholic Health Minister, the judge and the state attorney flirting with the Mafia, the president of the charity organization gambling away entire fortunes; their „lethal weapon", the camera, ruins the cocainist superstar, the mayor who holds wild orgies, the Commander in Chief having fun in exotic female dancer’s company, and the idolized race driver treating his pets in a „most cruel" way...

A clear and sharp photo snapped in the best moment can surely decide fates but taking a perfect scandalous picture might easily be a task much more difficult to accomplish than a military action behind enemy lines…

This unusual and most exciting role of a paparazzo is offered to us by the first piece of Philos Labs’ (Escape from Alcatraz, Imperium Galactica 3) newly announced 3D photographer game series, ’Snapshot! - Paparazzi’, which invites the player to the intriguing life of the most despised caste of the photographer’s society.

The core element of the title is the spicy story imbued with sarcastic humour, in which our paparazzo is to take some sensational photoes of the celebrities living in a fictitious world, then, of course, sell them to the appropriate tabloids that are always eager to unleash some nasty scandal.

The bigger the waves we stir up with the photo and the more famous the „prey" we manage to „hunt down" by our camera, the more copies the magazine featuring the picture can sell, and, consequently, the larger sum of money will appear in our bank account. We can then buy some better equipment (cameras, photo flashes, tele-objective, etc.) and more interesting pieces of information with our earnings, which will help the paparazzo to track and „capture" the persons or events that might expect to raise the public’s interest.

It further adds to the game experience that, whereas ’Snapshot! -Paparazzi’ generally plays via an overhead angle, the decisive moment, the actual photo shooting process, comes about in a first-person view, through the lens of a „real" tele-objective. It means that the quality of the pictures depends merely on our skills and equipment.

It goes without saying that our „preys" are far from happy with our indiscreet activity, so the paparazzo will often have to cope with alarms, traps, ferocious dogs, and huge bodyguards who never hesitate to break our expensive apparatus and hand us over to the police on „alleged" reasons ?, or even to lock us away in the dog kennel…

’Snapshot - Paparazzi!’ with its unique theme, creative gameplay, and ironic humour brings a fresh approach to the scene of PC titles, without blood and violence.

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