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European Launch Date for GameCube & Games

by Thomas on Jan. 28, 2002 @ 12:47 p.m. PST

Nintendo, the world's leading games company, proudly announces 3rd May 2002 as the European launch date for the only dedicated games console of the new era, the Nintendo GameCube, with more than 20 titles available on day one.. Today's official pressrelease below!


That May 3rd/£150 news again, plus the launch games list and some other details.

Nintendo Announces European Launch Date for GameCube

Nintendo will ship 500,000 units in to Europe for day one and a total of 1 million units for the launch period.

Combining stunning graphics with creative game play, Nintendo's new home console delivers the most original and unmatched video games experience ever seen in the industry. The full portfolio of games available will cater to the tastes of everyone that loves playing games - from eight to eighty years old.

With more than 20 titles available on day one, there can be no question that this is the strongest line-up a new platform has seen at launch. May 3 will see two exclusive first party releases, Luigi's Mansion and WaveRace: Blue Storm. Luigi's Mansion has already made its mark by achieving the most successful software launch ever in America.

These games will be complemented by an outstanding portfolio of third party titles, with many EXCLUSIVE to GameCube. May 3 sees the launch of Star Wars Rogue Leader Rogue Squadron II from LucasArts and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle from Sega only playable on GameCube. These games will be joined by further third party releases on day one including 2002 FIFA World Cupä from EA SPORTS, Batman Vengeance from Ubi Soft Entertainment, Super Monkey Ball from Sega, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 from Activision and Burnout from Acclaim.

May 24 sees the launch of two further first party titles, Super Smash Bros. Melee and NBA Courtside 2002. Its popularity already proven, Super Smash Bros. Melee has sold an outstanding 1 million copies in only 9 weeks in Japan. Following closely behind will be the already legendary Pikmin, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and Star Fox Adventures - all from Nintendo. Add to this another great exclusive - the release of Capcom's highly anticipated first instalment of the Resident Evil series - only for GameCube. By summer there will be nearly FIFTY first and third party titles available for the GameCube.

The Nintendo difference continues as the Nintendo GameCube links with the fastest selling handheld, the Game Boy Advance. Using the Game Boy Advance as a controller on selected games, players will soon be able to transfer game information between the two systems and enter a world of continuous game play when at home or on the move. Three million Game Boy Advance owners across Europe have already taken the first step towards GameCube by buying the handheld console - a great foundation for our new home console.

The Nintendo GameCube will be available across Europe in two colours: purple and black. Controllers will be available in three colours, purple, black, and purple and clear.

Whilst retailers set prices, Nintendo expects the GameCube to retail across Europe at around 249 Euros. Software is expected to be priced at around 60 Euros. Nintendo will be supporting the launch of GameCube across Europe with a 100million euros integrated marketing campaign.

David Gosen, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, Nintendo of Europe comments: "Quite simply, the Nintendo GameCube will be the first dedicated games console with such an impressive profile of games to hit the market. From titles, like Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin to Star Wars Rogue Leader Rogue Squadron II and ISS2, Nintendo will be delivering the largest line-up of games of any platform at launch. The GameCube delivers great gameplay for all players, all ages and all genres - all at a winning price. Without a doubt, 2002 will be the year of the Cube."

Nintendo GameCube European launch, at a Glance:-

Launch 3 May 2002

Units shipped for launch period
1 million. 500,000 on day one

Expected Retail Price
Hardware - Around 249 Euros
Software - Around 60 Euros

Launch colours
The GameCube - Purple and Black
The Controllers - Purple, Black, and Purple and Clear

Day One Launch titles
From Nintendo:
WaveRace: Blue Storm
Luigi's Mansion

3rd party
Star Wars Rogue Leader Rogue Squadron II (LucasArts)
Exclusive Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Sega)
Exclusive Super Monkey Ball (Sega)
ISS2 (Konami)
ESPN Winter Sports (Konami)
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (Activision)
Spiderman (Activision)
Tarzan Untamed (Ubi Soft)
Batman Vengeance (Ubi Soft)
Donald Duck Quack Attack (Ubi Soft)
Crazy Taxi (Acclaim)
Burnout (Acclaim)
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Acclaim)
NHL Hitz (Midway)
Gauntlet Dark Legacy (Midway)
Universal Studios (Kemco)
Batman (Kemco)
Tetris World (THQ)
2002 FIFA World Cupä (EA SPORTS)

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