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Worms Blast - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Jan. 30, 2002 @ 11:27 a.m. PST

Marking a first for the series, Worms Blast is the first game to appear using 3D characters, play in a real-time environment and see the series start to move into new genre's whist crossing them with the familiar genre that is Worms. There are so many things that make a big difference to how the game plays. Just looking at screen shots it is easy to make the comparison but on closer analysis Worms Blast offers the player much more. Release date: PC - 8/3/2002.

Blocks: - The player does not add blocks to the game area as in puzzle bobble, in Worms Blast they blow things up which is much more fun and change the colours of the blocks depending on the colour of your bazooka.

Control: - In games like puzzle bobble you only have control of the angle of fire and you can't move. In Worms Blast you have control of where you go, the angle of fire, what you fire and how hard the shot is, giving the player much more freedom.

Water: - The whole game is played on water and each character can move around on the water on their boats that each react differently. For example the Super Sheep has an inflatable banana for a boat, which moves very fast but doesn't take much to sink, which brings me to the next point.

Direct confrontation: - In most other games like this the players get to indirectly send things over the their opponent. In Worms Blast the divider opens up a window from time to time allowing players to unleash their arsenal directly on their opponent.

Crates: -There are the crates to pick up from within the blocks that contain loads of weird and wacky weapons and utilities to do things such as send sea monsters over to kill your opponent, change their fish into piranhas, use underwater torpedoes, set off a random weather effect such as fog or lightning or positive effects such as the health buoy that tops your boats energy up.

Stars: - Then there are the stars in the blocks that affect the water level, collect a star and your water level goes down, leaving more room for the player to get their shots off.

Letters: - Shoot enough blocks in a combo and collect all the goodies from within to light up different letters in the BLAST display. Spell out the whole word BLAST and set off the manic blasting frenzy that is BLAST MODE.

Multiplayer Modes: - There are 8 multiplayer game modes that range from the beating the living daylights out of each other fight mode to the race against time tide trial. Be the first to collect 5 stars in the star collection game and be vewwy careful when playing Don't drop em, no blocks are allowed to fall into the water. The multiplayer modes are so varied and diverse, there is something for everyone and many new ways of humiliating your friends.

Single Player: - The single player game is massive which unlike other puzzle games has loads of variety ranging from killing a dragon, destroying targets, battling against the clock and avoiding falling land. From the single player puzzle game players can unlock secret characters and tournament game modes where the player can try to beat our high scores.


Worms Blast is all about survival, live longer than your opponent and in the mean time have lots of fun and blow things up, it is what everyone wants from a game. Worms Blast is the party game par excellence. The game is bright, breezy and wonderfully colourful whilst being funny, wacky and violent.


The aim of the game is to survive, either longer than your opponent or until one player has reached a set objective. Worms Blast gives us our fifth trip to the Worms universe. You control a team of worms, you square off against opposing worm team(s) - either AI or human-controlled - in a kill-them-before-they-kill-you fight .

As always in the series, Worms Blast tests the players thinking, skill, reflexes, forward planning and nerve. Control your character of choice, 6 hand picked individuals with serious delusions of grandeur. Cross the world to crush your opponents


  • The 9 characters in Worms Blast are taken a step further, rendered as 3D models for the first time. They are given personality, a mean arsenal of weaponry and a unique boat for them to terrorise the waves on.
  • A completely new fresh addictive strategic war game for this very huge franchise.
  • Hilarious combat system and addictive gameplay, displaying the unique so well established Worms humour, utilising the overall style, objects and voices for great effect.
  • A wide variety of game modes: Survival, Star Collection, Tide Trial, Death Match, Don't Drop Em
  • Use a frightening array of new weapons capable of mass destruction: piranha, sea monster, Shield, Boat Repair, Fish Food, Reverse Controls, Sailor's Delight, Time Stands Still, Water Balance, Weather Balloon, Torpedo, Speed Up, Double Damage, Ghost Crates, Laser.
  • Beautiful cartoon-style art backgrounds in a variety of detailed locations.
  • Worms Blast lends itself perfectly to multiplayer competition.
  • Humorous and lively sounds and music
  • A lot of replayability, huge longevity


  • The ultimate party game, an intuitive and pick-up and play title
  • Become familiar with 9 completely new characters
  • Fight with merciless new weapons
  • A huge franchise: 6 millions copies sold worldwide
  • Both hard core and casual gamers will love Worms Blast:
  • This Party game will appeal to everyone, older games players as well as younger people, people who love puzzle games.
  • Huge Worms fan base (will appeal to the veterans of the series expecting something totally new).
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