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David Beckham Soccer (Xbox) - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Jan. 31, 2002 @ 6:16 p.m. PST

Rage, the UK-based computer games publisher and developer, is pleased to announce that its forthcoming officially licensed soccer game ‘David Beckham Soccer’ for the Sony PlayStation2 computer entertainment system and Xbox video game system from Microsoft is scheduled for release in time for the World Cup 2002.


David Beckham Soccer features hundreds of up to date teams and players, a vast array of competitions and game modes and an all new improved “train with Beckham” training mode which allows the player to hone their skills before taking on real opponents with a series of tests set for you by David himself, including corner taking, shooting, passing and David’s world renowned free kicks.

Key features include:

Classic matches for you to play, including the chance to relive England's famous qualifying matches against Germany and Greece.

Advanced set-plays system where you can choose from several exciting set-plays as you stand over a free kick.

Custom ‘A.I.’ where you get to manage each of your individual player's ‘A.I’ to give you control over the movement of your team.

All new detailed stadium builder where you can create your own fantastic stadiums to play in.

Comprehensive custom editor ever that allows you to change every aspect of a team and individual players through to designing you own sponsors and badges.

Featuring fluid, motion-captured player animation, an intuitive control system for beginners and progressive skills for advanced players plus new set-plays system for free kicks and corners, David Beckham Soccer offers a comprehensive mix of game modes for short-term and long-term challenge.

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