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Infogrames confirms Unreal Tournament 2

by Thomas on Jan. 5, 2002 @ 9:15 a.m. PST

Infogrames confirms Unreal Tournament 2 in the making by Digital Extremes. As rumored all week online, the co-creators of Unreal and Unreal Tournament are currently working on the sequel to the infamous 1999 Game of the Year... Read more below for full story, game description and key features.

Late next week, in conjunction with the February issue of PC Gamer, Infogrames will officially announce the game and detail all the news currently available at this point in development. The cover story includes an in-depth interview with the development team at Digital Extremes, specifics about the gameplay and globally exclusive artwork to be seen only in PC Gamer.

Platform – PC
Estimated Release Date – Q3 2002
Developer – Digital Extremes
Publisher – Infogrames, Inc.

Product Description

The ultimate in first-person action returns! Developed by Digital Extremes, Unreal Tournament II is the sequel to the mind-blowing, award-winning action of Unreal Tournament.

Features that made the original unforgettable return and new innovative game play, graphics and technology make the sequel a sure-fire hit. Unreal Tournament II uses the latest Unreal technology by Epic Games, combining a brilliant single player experience with an unparalleled multi-player component. Players will be able to play through a series of matches in the single player mode against computer-controlled opponents (bots) or play online against human-controlled adversaries. Both single-player and online aspects of the game will be rich with content and gameplay options, giving the player a wide range of first person action experiences.

Key Features

· Explore up to 30 original exotic indoor and outdoor environments, each featuring jaw-dropping dynamic volumetrically lit particle systems and up to 100 times more polygons than the original

· Choose from up to 50 new highly individualized characters with their own abilities and origins featuring high polygon counts and high-resolution textures

· Fire to your hearts’ desire with new weapons and updated favorites from the original such as Flak Cannon, Assault Rifle, Shock Rifle, Link Gun, and Ion Cannon

· Select from frenetic new game modes or tried-and-true favorites including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination 2, Survivor and Bombing Run

· New enhanced game play moves including the translocator, the dodge move, increased speed, mutators, double jump and berserker

· Gameplay is more team focused – create your own team and increase their abilities to progress through the single player tournament

· Barrel through the vast incredibly detailed terrain atop land and hover team-based vehicles

· Battle your friends with up to 32 players to face off online

· Utilizes renowned Math Engine physics to simulate true-to-life character movement and environmental interaction

· Players can easily design their own levels and/or mods using pre-fabricated sections of architecture with the latest version of the Unreal Level Editor
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