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Gun Valkyrie (Xb) - Screens & Facts

by Thomas on Jan. 8, 2002 @ 11:25 a.m. PST

In a world much like our own, in a time much like the 19th century, a lone scientist, Dr. Hebble, is able to make a string of incredible technological breakthroughs. But these advances accelerate beyond his own intentions, resulting in a revolutionary form of energy that, once harnessed, could propel mankind into a new era or lead to complete annihilation.

With the government’s assistance, a group of scientists are able to form GUN VALKYRIE, an organization bent on protecting these new breakthroughs and policing their use. When Dr. Hebble suddenly disappears and a host of nightmarish creatures appear, the GUN VALKYRIE unit is called upon to retrieve the scientist, destroy the vile creatures and return order to the world by force.

  • Ignite massive battlegrounds in action-packed firefights filled with atmospheric hazards as you explore massive environments disrupted by over-advanced technology
  • State of the art graphics engine achieves smooth and realistic texture-models and roduces stunning environmental effects-both complimented by an amazingly high-poly count available only through Xbox technology
  • Revolutionary control utilizing both Left and Right thumb sticks allow you to run in one direction while gunning down enemies all around you!
  • Eight distinct types of customizable weaponry!
  • Striking graphic images based on Japanese animation! Extremely popular in the U.S. and Japan, GUN VALKYRIE features a world famous Japanese animation graphic style called “Japanimation technique" making shading effects in the game tremendously vibrant.
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