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Rayman Rush (PS) - Screens & Facts

by Thomas on Jan. 8, 2002 @ 12:21 p.m. PST

Kick into multiplayer overdrive in crash course trials over 12 challenging maps, when the armless' one hits the PSone in March 2002. Facts and screens below.

  • Master 5 play modes in every level, Training mode / Championship mode / Time Attack / Lum Mode / Target Mode
  • Show no mercy and gain the advantage with your freeze weapon
  • A finely tuned & highly-addictive learning curve
  • True reward system: unlock hidden characters, exclusive skins & bonus modes as you evolve in the game
  • Discover hidden passages that will allow you to go faster…only if you are tough enough
  • Evolve through 4 worlds & 12 challenging tracks
  • Escape the deadly obstacles including, flames, electric barrels and attacking pillars, or turn them on your opponent to sabotage their race.
  • 7 cunning opponents to choose from
  • Frantic 2-player action, master the interactive enviroment and beat your mates to the finish line
  • All characters in the game can use the unique Rayman capabilities such as running, jumping, climbing, sliding, helicopter, flying, and shooting adversaries…. use every trick in the book to be the best!
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