Orchid Announced for X-Box

by Thomas on Jan. 8, 2002 @ 9:27 p.m. PST

Argonaut Games have announced the development of a new Xbox game called Orchid. Orchid is a free-roaming fighting game set in a 3D comic book styled world. Release TBA. Check out overview, features and screens below!

The game takes place in a near future New York and centers on an amnesiac girl who awakes from a coma in a state orphanage - her past a blur. When a corporate army raids the refuge looking for her she escapes to New York and is befriended by a small team of pro-active subversives.

As her past begins to unfold, the team takes it upon themselves to help answer the question - Who's after her? - Who trained her? - And why?


  • Unique 3D Comic Book look.
  • Free-roaming fight system delivers instant pickup and play with an added level of depth for even the most hardened beat em' up fan.
  • Ability to manifest super powerful monsters.
  • Embedded, involving storyline with over an hour of cut scenes.
  • Characters voiced and motioned by established Hollywood actors.
  • Character Designs by comic book supremo Tony Daniel.
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