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DreamCatcher Launches New Division

by Thomas on Jan. 8, 2002 @ 11:17 p.m. PST

DreamCatcher, a fast-growing publisher of PC and console entertainment software, is pleased to announce the launch of their new division and brand, The Adventure Company. While DreamCatcher (the parent company) will be catering to a more hard-core gamer with its launch of Project Earth and Fuel, The Adventure Company will devote itself entirely to publishing an exclusive line of titles geared toward adventure gamers.

The first title to be released by The Adventure Company will be The Cameron Files – Secret at Loch Ness, which should hit retail shelves in January, 2002.

"The introduction of The Adventure Company as a standalone entity solidifies our company's position as a leading publisher and distributor of quality adventure games” said Richard Wah Kan, CEO and President of DreamCatcher. "The Adventure Company is really an indication of our commitment to build on the success of our recent best-selling adventure games and to continue to bring quality adventure games to a marketplace that we feel is under serviced.”

DreamCatcher has built a healthy following of adventure gamers, which is evident by the popularity of its titles that consistently break the 150,000 units mark in North America.

To further the growth of its burgeoning online adventure fan community, DreamCatcher has enlisted the support of Gordon Currie, the consultant responsible for the cultivation of fan bases for such games as “Myst III: Exile”. “With the launch of The Adventure Company,” explains Currie, “DreamCatcher’s current adventure gamers should expect a new level of corporate community involvement. Making sure fans have the support they need to grow their fan sites, newsgroups, etc… is an important part of The Adventure Company’s charter.”

In addition to The Adventure Company titles, DreamCatcher will be expanding beyond the adventure genre with a variety of other games, both on the PC and game-consoles, such as PlayStation2, XBOX and Game Boy Advance.

Adventurer gamers can expect the same “DreamCatcher” adventure quality -- stunning graphics and exciting adventures -- to be released under The Adventure Company during the first quarter of 2002. These titles include

Coming: January, 2002

Title: The Cameron Files – Secret at Loch Ness
Genre: 3D Adventure
Platform: PC

Description: Aimed at lovers of adventure games for all ages, this intriguing first-person-view PC adventure combines all the aspect of a good police investigation and a spy novel by mixing science with the supernatural and fake monsters with real holograms, In this game, players assume the role of detective Alan P.. Cameron, who leaves the comfort of his Chicago office to visit a famous physicist in the Scottish countryside above Loch Ness. Upon his arrival, the physicist has disappeared, leaving Cameron no choice but to pull out his spyglass and get to work, This pre-calculated 3D Warp journey takes Cameron from the obscure corners of a Medieval castle and the old scientist’s secret laboratory to the troubled waters of Loch Ness. Due to motion capture technology, lip movements and facial expressions make this game true-to-life.

Coming: February, 2002

Title: Arthur’s Knights II
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC
ESRB: Rating Pending

Description: This visually stunning, third-person-perspective, 3D real-time adventure game sequel starts where the player left off in the original journey. Bradwen (the illegitimate son of an English lord), has defeated his half-brother, Morganor, and has been named King of Atrebates by Arthur and thereby joins the legendary Round Table. Upon his success, Arthur returns to Brittany to ascend to his throne only to find his people have been cursed and are vulnerable to the forces of darkness. In order to release his descendants from the curse, Bradwen must set off on a great quest of bravery.

Coming: March, 2002

Title: Arabian Nights
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC
ESRB: Rating Pending

Description: Arabian Nights’ combines the thrill of adventure with the excitement of action. With its scenario worthy of the tales of a thousand and one nights in addition to its excellent gameplay, Arabian Nights immerses the player into the magical world of the Middle East. Playing the hero Ali, players will have to overcome numerous obstacles, all of which are set against sumptuous and mythical backdrops. The game is structured just like a TV series: each of its 7 episodes contain an introduction and a conclusion. Great care has been taken in the creation of this game to ensure that the quality of the graphics, the musical score and the special effects – both the visual effects and the sound effects – are exceptional. From parents to children, all the family will enjoy this game set in a mythical and legendary world.

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