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Harry Potter Accessories (All)

by Thomas on Oct. 1, 2002 @ 12:07 p.m. PDT

Under its license agreement with Warner Bros Consumer Products, Thrustmaster announces the launch of its range of video game console accessories based on Harry Potter's magical world. The products will be released from the end of September 2002, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, prior to the highly anticipated second film - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

"The fun, excitement and magic from Harry Potter's world in the second book and movie - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, have been captured in gamers' favorite accessories for Game Boy AdvanceTM, Game Boy ColorTM, GameCubeTM, PSoneTM and PlayStationTM2" says Jean-Michel Detoc, Thrustmaster's General Manager. "Every fan of the young wizard and every member of the family will be delighted by the extension of the magical experience into this enchanting range".

Harry Potter accessories for NintendoTM Game Boy AdvanceTM & Game Boy ColorTM

For their Game Boy AdvanceTM console, globetrotting Harry Potter fans will be able to enjoy a full range of pouches and bags, embroidered with characters and devices from Harry's universe: the Console case - a small and convenient hard cased pouch-, the Console Bag - a polyester pouch for carrying consoles, cartridges and main accessories, and the Move n' Play Bag - a cross-over bag for carrying all their Game Boy gear.

Three accessory sets will also be available with plenty of devices based on this magical world: the QuidditchTM Pack will enable GBA gamers to enter the famous QuidditchTM game, including the Console bag, a flexible light, a 2-player link cable with hub, a rechargeable battery, an AC adapter and a cartridge case - all dedicated to Snitch and Nimbus 2000TM. The Power pack will bring you to the forbidden forest with Harry and Ron, including an amazing decorative console sticker, a desktop charger, a rechargeable battery and an AC adapter. These packs will be available in purple and black.

The set of 3 decorative console stickers will offer GBA gamers the chance to personalize their consoles with major scenes and characters from the second movie.

Game Boy ColorTM gamers will also have a chance to improve their gaming skills with the Essential pack, which includes a console pouch, a rechargeable battery, an AC adapter, a light magnifier and a link cable.

Harry PotterTM accessories for Nintendo GameCubeTM

Thrustmaster will also release a complete range of accessories centered on Harry Potter. Based on advanced printing technology, the Analog gamepad will enable you to relive Harry, Ron, Hermione and HedwigTM's universe. It will be sold either with a tuning cover, which will liven up the top of the GameCube console, or with a 59-block memory card bearing Harry's likeness.

Essential devices for gamers, three other 59-block memory cards will also be launched. Displaying key scenes and characters these memory cards are true collector's items: 2 x 59-block memory card packs - Harry and Professor Albus DumbledoreTM -, Memory card 59 blocks & Tuning cover - scene of the Polyjuice potionTM.

Featuring scenes from the movie, the Move n' Play Bag for Gamecube has been specially designed to carry the entire GameCube system and Harry Potter accessories. With padded compartments, it can also be carried in three different ways (by its handles, shoulder straps or carrying straps).

Harry Potter accessories for PlayStationTM systems

PSoneTM owners will also be able to live out the Harry Potter world of wizardry, thanks to these fantastic sets of accessories, all produced by new and advanced printing technology. Brand new sets of memory cards, displaying pictures of characters or elements from the movie will satisfy all collector enthusiasts. One set of two 1Mb memory cards and two sets of three 1Mb memory cards will be on sale. The Analog gamepad will also come with an extra memory card. Superb looking, it includes not only Harry's universe but also all the technical features belonging to the official gamepad for PSoneT.

The Full analog gamepad for PlayStationTM2, featuring the astonishing scene of the flying car, will be released alone or with a unique Games holder, enabling storage of up to 20 CD games.

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series has been published in 200 countries and in 47 languages with more than 124 million books in circulation worlwide. The first movie rocketed up box office sales and the second movie, to be released in Europe from mid-November 2002, is already highly anticipated by fans of all ages!

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