'Wings' & 'Lords of the Rising Sun' - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 1, 2002 @ 12:44 p.m. PDT

Cinemaware, Inc recently announced the release of two new entries into its Digitally Remastered series of classic remakes. Enhanced versions of the legendary Cinemaware titles, Wings and Lords of the Rising Sun, have now been produced.

Released exclusively for the Commodore Amiga in 1990, Wings gives gamers the chance to relive World War I through the eyes of a pilot in the Allied Forces! Armed with raw courage and piercing lead, the player must claw their way up the ranks, while defending a nation and the world from the Huns' aggression. With the help of friends and comrades, players must battle their way though over 200 challenging and varied missions! Strafe armies, bomb enemy aerodromes and match wits against German aces in a test of aerial skill and accuracy in deadly 3D dogfights. Only one pilot can truly own the skies!

An epic adventure set in a period of high adventure, Lords of the Rising Sun brings all the action, romance, honor and betrayal of feudal Japan to life! First released in 1988, Lords of the Rising Sun was a groundbreaking blend of role-playing, strategy and arcade action. The game thrusts players into war-torn 12th Century Japan, during the bloody Gempei War. In a heroic quest to become Shogun and redeem the family's honor, players must command vast armies of samurai warriors, defend against ninja assassins, lay siege to mighty fortresses, negotiate alliances and confront enemies in personal combat!

"For our loyal fan-base, these remastered classics from Cinemaware's past will provide them with a nostalgic window to the games they all came to love. For new fans, this look at the past will give them a taste of the future. Lords of the Rising Sun and Wings are still incredible and challenging games to play and master", commented Mr. Lars Batista, VP Studios of Cinemaware Inc.

The Digitally Remastered series answers the requests of thousands of Cinemaware fans by offering digitally enhanced versions of everyone's favorite classic Cinemaware games -- upgraded to take advantage of today's technology and graphics. These re-releases of classic Cinemaware titles enable both those familiar with the Cinemaware legacy and new fans to re-experience these legendary and innovative games while they await the next-generation of Cinemaware games coming soon. Each remastered game is available for Windows and Macintosh formats on a single CD-ROM.

Both Games will be release on 25th October 2002. Wings and Lords of the Rising Sun will be published in the UK by Blackstar Interactive. Blackstar Interactive already ship Defender of the Crown and The Three Stooges in England and Germany, with further distribution into other European territories to continue in the months ahead.

Further entries in the Digitally Remastered series will follow throughout the year, including Cinemaware classics like Rocket Ranger and It Came from the Desert. The North American release of the Digitally Remastered series will take place in the months following their UK release. Each title carries a suggested retail price of £12.99

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