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Gamester Mini Woofer For GBA

by Thomas on Oct. 1, 2002 @ 12:54 p.m. PDT

Radica UK Ltd, the manufacturer of peripherals under the highly rated Gamester brand, is to launch an NXT based compact speaker system, the 'MINI WOOFER' for use with the Game Boy Advance. The MINI WOOFER was developed by Radica UK in conjunction with NXT's engineering teams in the UK and Hong Kong. Stylish and simple to use, it easily attaches to the Game Boy Advance and by using NXT's SurfaceSound™ technology, is able to create a unique audio experience from a flat speaker panel. This latest accessory is expected to prove a hit with gaming enthusiasts when it becomes available next month (October) from leading high street retailers including Comet, Argos, John Lewis and Game.

John Doughty managing director of Radica U.K. Ltd. commented "We are extremely excited to be bringing NXT Technology to the VGA Market. It truly enhances the audio capabilities of the Game Boy Advance, and re-affirms Radica's commitment to bringing high quality innovation, combined with leading edge technology, to real gamers.

"Partnering with NXT has opened up a number of new areas of opportunity for ourselves, and our retail partners. Something that as we move into 2003 will become increasingly important within a marketplace currently saturated with third party 'me too' operators, reliant on companies like ourselves and first parties, to bring truly original and innovative products to consumers."

NXT technology offers both acoustic advantages over traditional technology associated with its broader dispersion characteristics and design freedoms as an NXT speaker can be better integrated into products such as the Game Boy Advance because of shallow depth requirements.

The MINI WOOFER will be available in October at an SRP of £12.99

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