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TDK Announces 'Spy vs Spy' (All)

by Thomas on Oct. 1, 2002 @ 2:37 p.m. PDT

TDK Mediactive, Inc announced today a worldwide licensing agreement with E.C. Publications, Inc., the publishers of MAD Magazine, to bring the mischievous and iconic "Spy vs. Spy" cartoon strip to next generation gaming console systems.

"With over three-quarters of a billion MAD Magazines sold since its inception, we are very pleased to be adding this classic license of madcap espionage at its finest," said Dan Kletzky, executive vice president of business development, TDK Mediactive. "'Spy vs. Spy' is an entrenched part of our pop culture that we are proud to be bringing to the gaming community."

"We are excited to have TDK bringing one of MAD Magazine's best known features into the rapidly growing video game arena," stated Paul Levitz, President and Publisher, E.C. Publications, Inc. "With their proven track record, 'Spy vs. Spy' fans will have plenty of hilarious hi-jinx to look forward to."

The Black Spy and White Spy were not immediately available for comment.

About "Spy vs. Spy"

"Spy vs. Spy" is one of MAD Magazine's longest-running and best-known features. For nearly four decades, the Black Spy and White Spy have been building their bizarre, elaborate contraptions in an endless parry of "Joke and Dagger." Award-winning cartoonist Antonio Prohias fled Cuba one step ahead of Castro's authorities at the height of the Cold War. He ended up in New York, where he began working for MAD. Since 1961, his Spies have been silently turning tables on each other in crazier and ever-more bizarre schemes of one-upmanship.

About MAD Magazine

MAD Magazine is America's longest running humor publication. Founded by Bill Gaines in 1952, MAD has inspired generations of irreverent fans with its ridiculing of politicians, movies, television, and modern life, and with popular characters such as Alfred E. Neuman and "Spy vs. Spy." Whether in print, on television, film, or on the web, MAD remains one of America's favorite icons. MAD Magazine is owned by E.C. Publications, Inc., and can be found online at E.C. Publications, Inc., is a division of Warner Bros., an AOL Time Warner company.

About TDK Mediactive, Inc.

Southern California based TDK Mediactive, Inc. is a global publisher of high quality interactive entertainment software for the PlayStation2 , PS one game console, Xbox , and the Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color systems. The company also publishes titles for personal computers via a co-publishing agreement with Activision Value, a subsidiary of Activision, Inc. The company's games are based on licensed and original content derived from major motion pictures, video franchises, popular literature and popular culture. TDK Mediactive has exclusive technology and content licenses with Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Nintendo of America Inc., DreamWorks SKG, Disney Interactive, Vivendi Universal Studios, Mattel, Inc., Classic Media, BKN International, DC Comics, Hallmark Entertainment Distribution LLC, BDSP Inc., The Jim Henson Company, General Motors Corporation, Infogrames Interactive, Inc., and others.

MAD, "Spy vs. Spy," and all related indicia and (c) 2002 E.C. Publications, Inc.

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