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Anarchy Online Booster Pack Named 'The Notum Wars' - Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 10, 2002 @ 6:01 p.m. PDT

Since funcom announced the booster pack idea a couple months ago, they have seen a lot of discussion about it on the forums and in emails. In addition to letting you know that they now have a name for this new product, The Notum Wars, they like to address concerns some of you have expressed.. Read more to check some screens and read what Trond Arne Aas, Funcom President and CEO had to say about this booster pack for Anarchy Online!

First of all, our plan to introduce regular booster packs does not mean that we will stop providing other free content. Since launch, additions to Anarchy Online include over 450 monsters, more than 400 weapons, 5 static dungeons, 6 nightclubs/bars, more than 80 pieces of armor, team-based missions created with our unique content-on-demand system, the "Fixer Grid", the Tir Assembly Hall, improved whom-pha system for easier travel between cities, specialty shop features, an improved help system with hints and tips, missions from non-player characters, 140 new monster camps (in the latest patch alone), and even more.

Those additions read like the feature list for a whole new product, yet we'll continue to add that kind of content to the game on a regular basis. We know it's important to keep the original Anarchy Online fresh and fun for every player. However, as a company we must put a value on additional content that is beyond the ordinary, as is the case with The Notum Wars.

I think it's a disservice to you, the players, to put the value on megabytes of "stuff" produced. We should be able to come up with compelling gameplay additions that you consider valuable and I feel we have done exactly that with The Notum Wars. This product adds a whole new layer to the game with an entirely new way to play Anarchy Online. Be sure to check out our exciting teaser video just released today to see some of these features in action. We've also launched a new page on our web site with all the details. This is our intention with future booster packs as well: to add tools and gameplay that enhance the Anarchy Online experience beyond that of regular patches.

Our "booster crew" as we affectionately call them, has worked long and hard on this booster pack and their efforts have been separate from the team working on regularly added content. We have had a dedicated team of 10 to 20 people focused entirely on this product over a period of about 6 months. So, as a company we must also put a value on that development time.

After our initial announcement, we realized that much of the actual content for The Notum Wars will need to be patched out to everyone so all players can join in their part of the new gameplay experience. We also want everyone to be able to see and interact with the new vehicles and other environmental effects.

To lower the hit of one large download, we've been able to make many upgrades on the server code instead of the client and we've added some booster functionality in patch 14.5 and also in 14.6. These features will then be activated by the game key purchased in stores. The actual megabyte size you will purchase is significantly lower than our initial estimates but there will be one regular sized patch to download on the activation day.

The value of The Notum Wars is in the features themselves and the resources used to create them. Our booster packs won't have the traditional elements of an expansion pack, but we also won't charge the price of an expansion. Our upcoming expansion, Shadowlands, will focus on those more standard elements such as new land, breeds, etc. but with some unique twists and turns. The boosters will however, add much more depth and variety than our regular patched content. I am convinced that when you see these new features in action, you will also see the value in what we've created.

Check out our web site today to read another article from Game Director Gaute Godager with more details from The Notum Wars. He'll also post new articles there during the next few weeks:

Controllers: the key to land ownership and notum benefits.

Land control towers and personal service towers: advantages for attack and defense.

Special grid access and crowd control: ways that we'll get players where they need to be.

I hope I've been able to address some of the basic concerns we've heard and that you'll look forward to taking part in The Notum Wars at the end of November.

Best regards,
Trond Arne Aas,
Funcom President and CEO

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