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RC Sports Copter Challenge (PS2) - Screens & Features

by Thomas on Oct. 11, 2002 @ 1:19 p.m. PDT

RC Sports Copter Challenge brings you a new experience in helicopter simulation.Try and earn your license by competing in four different modes, spanning numerous locales. Spend points awarded to update copter parts and buy new rigs. Tricks, points, manoeuvring and obstacles will prove whether you are the RC pilot champion! 14 tiny shots below with features!

3 small screens


  • Skill driven gameplay:
    • Compete in adventure, events and puzzleso 4 modes of gameplay with 20-30 hours of content Skill of flying an RC heli coupled with co-ordination
  • 4 games modes:
    • Adventure: Complete a course with obstacles and challenges within time constraints.
    • License: Compete in events such as catch, hover, spoon race and more.
    • Free flight: Practice techniques, tricks and manoeuvres on 5 unique levels. Also record your flight and save movies.
    • Challenge: Once the levels are cleared in Adventure, you may fly them again in either “Time Attack” or Point Attack” settings.
  • Buy new aircrafts or simply new parts for your helicopter in the maintenance mode, with the points that you’ve earned in the other modes.
  • The player will be taken to several environments such as forests and mountainous areas, a medieval castle or an urban environment
  • 9 different realistic and licensed aircraft are available. These ascend through different levels of power and manoeuvrability, and can be upgraded with new engines and other parts for even more performance.
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