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Singularity Software Announce 'FOO' - Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 11, 2002 @ 4:03 p.m. PDT

Singularity Software, a division of Brightstar Entertainment Ltd, today announced its latest title, Foo. Developed by Swedish coding team, Idol FX, Foo is due for release across Europe in Q1 of 2003. Foo is a unique "sneak, steal and trap-em-up" game of malicious pleasure with gameplay summarized as "Thief" meets "Spy vs. Spy", with the general feel of an animated feature crossed with the comical morbidity and brutality of "Itchy and Scratchy ".

Set in ancient China, Foo will challenge you and your competitors to enter palaces and temples before dawn, loot them for as much treasure as you can carry, and escape before the sun rises. Before setting out carefully plan what traps to take with you for your unwitting competitors - but beware, the more trap components you take in the less treasure you'll be able to carry out and the slower you'll move and react to the traps set out by other players.

"We really enjoy the feeling of malicious pleasure when seeing an opponent suffer the brutal effects of a trap. They can even be viewed in real-time." Commented Noel Hargrave, Managing Director of Singularity Software, (rather worryingly).

Peter Levin, Managing Director of PAN Vision -the publisher of the game, on the multiplayer mode in Foo - "The randomised architectural engine makes the multiplayer mode unique and less dependent on prior gaming experience."

"We are happy to join forces with Singularity Software on Foo. They really understand our intentions with the game, and I am confident that their dedication to the product is as strong as ours", says Johan Sjoberg, Executive Director of Idol FX.

Key Game Features:

The Architectural Generator Engine guarantees a unique level and game experience every time you play in random level game mode.

Highly detailed hand painted textures.

Five different characters to choose from; the Dragon, the Tiger, the Ape, the Panda and the Rat. Each with their own special skills and characteristics.

Numerous trap components and triggers ensure that every player can tailor his own special tactics, weighing up speed against brutality.

Find valuables that give you access to more rare and powerful trap components.

View brutal death scene animations in real-time as your opponents suffer the effects of your traps.

Challenge your friends to battle for the title of Master of Thieves over a LAN network.

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