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'Panzer Dragoon Orta' (XB) - The Plot & Screen Gallery

by Thomas on Oct. 14, 2002 @ 1:28 p.m. PDT

Earlier this weekend we tossed up 16 new screens to show off a few levels from Panzer Dragoon Orta. Today we have 43 shots from, by the looks of it, cut-scenes and 18 extra dragon morphing screenshots. Now, If you're wondering about the plot, or how the weapons work, you - yes - orta read more below!

Thousands of years after the fall of the ancient civilization the world is a hostile and arid place to be, a fallen age in history. The few remaining human tribes, who live scattered across the wasteland, are in desperate fear of biogenetic terrors - powerful artifacts born out of blasphemy.

In the midst of the continued conflict over precious water resources the Empire, who wish to gain control over the organic weapons from the old age through military pressure, have discovered a production factory from the ruins of the Old Century and succeeded in creating their own organic weapon - the Dragon.

The key to restore peace in this distorted world is a mysterious girl captive under ball and chain, her name is Orta.

The game is divided into 10 stages, tied together with SGI and hardware rendered cut- scenes to portray the story. There are sub-scenarios and various other artifacts to interact with in order to tell the story, these also intend to give you the perspective from the Empire's point-of-view, but have yet to be confirmed. Stages will be action packed, encompassing fierce fighting, swooping down canyons and will not be too linear. There will be multiple ways of reaching the end battle depending on whether or not you are able to complete certain tasks, for example, accelerate towards the shutter before it closes to progress through otherwise you'll be forced to take another path.

The Dragon
He is your companion and your ride through the game, capable of accelerating to intense speeds, running on the ground and performing a number of attacks -

Locked-on laser
This is the main weapon, fired from his mouth and can hit multiple targets. The power level increases as the Dragon morphs (see below)

The player sitting on the Dragon can fire from the weapon carried in hand. It is capable of hitting enemy fire and targeting weaker enemy points effectively. The power level increases as the Dragon morphs (see below)

Homing Glide
This is only available when using the highest-spec Dragon type. It makes it possible to attack enemy forces while sucking up the enemy's hp, in turn, replenishing your own.

The Berserk
This is a type of special weapon with immense destructive power.

Players can adjust the speed of the Dragon to gain the appropriate position for attacking enemy forces. It is also particularly useful for navigating the environment.

There is a gauge evident in the game, which determines the Dragon's power, how this increases and decreases is not confirmed. There are 3 stages of metamorphosis and it seems that you can change this at will, providing the gauge is at the required level. This adds a level of strategy, which the player must adopt for certain situations-

- Normal Type
Basic features, well balanced.

- Heavy Attack Type
The lock on effect is more accurate and inflicts a greater level of damage, but there is less lock on options.

- High Spec Type
Has the highest level of mobility. Lock on laser is not accessible through this type but Homing Glide can be utilised to great effect.

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