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'Operation Flashpoint: Resistance' - Patch v1.85 & Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 14, 2002 @ 4:46 p.m. PDT

New weapons, units and civilian transport are provided today for Operation Flashpoint's Resistance fighters with the release of an all-new upgrade. The Operation Flashpoint: Resistance upgrade is freely available from the game's microsite in the Downloads section. Players require the original Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and the Resistance expansion pack to use the upgrade. Read more below for download links and to check out what this 13MB patch fix/add. We also tossed up 7 new screens from this upgrade

Get the Op. Flashpoint : Resistance v1.85 patch off Worthplaying (13mb)

Get the Op. Flashpoint : Resistance v1.85 patch from Codemasters

The upgrade (taking the game to v1.85) contains over 60 new features and code improvements. New weapons include the powerful civilian Hunting Rifle with optics, a Revolver and M-10 sub machine gun, which has a high rate of fire and 30 bullets in the clip.

New units offer a masked Resistance soldier, a standard pilot with new revolver and a BlackOp with satchel charges and a silenced hand gun. The civilian vehicles included are a bicycle and a speedy small car.

For multiplayer, two new official missions are included, "Sector Control" and the fast and deadly "Flag Fight Hand Guns".

New features include:

  • Handguns have no tracers now and are inaccurate over longer distances, new sounds added and better animations used.
  • New weapons
    • Hunting Rifle (HuntingRifle, HuntingRifleMag): civilian hunting rifle with optics. Very strong but a bit slow.
    • G-17 - silenced version: This is the silenced version of standard G-17 (but with less range).
    • Revolver (Revolver, RevolverMag): very powerful yet very slow handgun.
    • M-10: submachinegun used as handgun. Not the most accurate weapon but has a high rate of fire and clips that hold 30 bullets.
  • New units
    • Resistance / Sniper: Resistance soldier with a mask, Hunting Rifle and M-10.
    • West / pilot with handgun: Standard pilot with new revolver.
    • West / silenced BlackOp: BlackOp with satchel charges and HK and handgun, both silenced.
  • New vehicles
    • Bicycle: civilian bicycle.
    • Small Car: small and fast.

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