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Xpand Rally

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Developer: Techland


'Xpand Rally' - Game Info & Screen

by Thomas on Oct. 2, 2002 @ 3:02 p.m. PDT

Xpand Rally is the newest racing game with complex economical plot. It shows riders’ copings in the Xpand Rally Championship leagues. Xpand Rally Championship (XRC) was created by a group of young car owners, who can not afford to have the professional rally driver’s license for different reasons. The first races took place in the States and Germany.

Nowadays, drivers wanting to participate in the XRC races make appointments via internet in different parts of the world. The races are semi-illegal and there are no limits to the engine power and technical car modifications. XRC started to be considered an extreme sport.

In Xpand Rally the player gets into the car, whose engine power is about 800 Horse Power, and races around the world.

Thanks to the newest technology it is the first time that we can have such a realistic game. The implemented Chrome engine, used in Xpand Rally, lets us create picturesque and extensive terrains. The player can feel freedom of movements and he does not have to move only in narrow channel.

It is the first time that the race line will be sourrounded by luxuriant and naturalistic flora. It is also the first time, when you can feel dynamic weather conditions. Rain will turn a dry land into mud (causing sliding) and wind will slightly push the car off the track.

You can choose one of over 60 different tracks in different parts of the world. You can race in the deserts’ heat, on the frozed lakes or in greenwoods and mountains.

One of the game’s main features is over 20 realistic world cars. Each of the machine has its own technical and driving parameters. Each car can be tuned-up from factory level to high-performance racing machines. In the Xpand Rally you can choose some of the dozens of tuning parts.

Thanks to the realistic driving model cars will behave differently depending on the weather conditions and the surface (sand, gravel, snow, ice or asphalt).

Xpand Rally presentation at the biggest European game and electronic entertainment show in London - ECTS was succesful. ECTS visitors passing by Techland's booth noticed the incredibly realistic graphics of Xpand Rally. Acing terrains abundant in flora and extremely detailed car models greatly impressed the game fans.

Techland was once again the only company from Poland having its stand.

You can find more information on And the race begins at the 5th of December…

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