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Xicat To Release 'Blackstone: Magic and Steel' & 'Metal Dungeon'

by Thomas on Oct. 22, 2002 @ 9:18 p.m. PDT

Xicat Interactive, Inc is set to release "Blackstone: Magic & Steel" and "Metal Dungeon" for the Xbox in North America in late November 2002.

Black Stone will cast a spell on fans of Japanese anime with the characters and lush environments of Zedan, while Metal Dungeon offers a gruesome, post-apocalyptic world and unleashes RPG action in this Sci-fi thriller of twisted robotic cyborgs. For an in depth “tour” of either game, Mike Bellhorn, lead producer is available to lend his insights to the magic and darkness that define each of the games characteristics.

About Black Stone: Magic and Steel:

In Blackstone: Magic and Steel you must heed the call of the White Wizards to protect all that is good. Raise your weapons, memorize your spells and charge ahead as you begin your quest to find the magic stones and save the world of Zedan. Black Stone: Magic & Steel is rated Teen for Blood and Violence.

Check our previously posted BlackStone screens here, and here...

Key features:

  • 26 Perilous levels of swordplay and bloodletting.
  • 5 Characters: warrior, warlock, archer, pirate and thief; each with varying melee skills, magical powers and long-range attack abilities.
  • Buy or find power-up items to increase character capabilities.
  • Single- or four-player cooperative game play to attack the forces of evil simultaneously.
  • Mount massive dinosaur to completely devastate enemy forces.
  • Add to pool of characters by completing missions and unlocking hidden characters.

About Metal Dungeon:

Far into the future, Alansas is ravaged by war and chaos. Teams of enhanced humans (cyborgs) are enlisted to take back the underground weapons complex known as Force Valley after one of the experiments escapes and takes over the facility. The escapee creates an army of enhanced weapon monsters who are not quite ready to vacate their newfound “home”. Players assemble a team of elite cyborgs to plunge into the depths and root out the monsters. Metal Dungeon is rated Teen for Blood and Violence.

Check our previously posted Metal Dungeon screens here, and here...

Key Features:

  • Choose from 5 characters (fencer, striker, analyzer, caster and broader).
  • Customize character with enhancing chips, equipment and a unique attribute system designed specifically for Metal Dungeon.
  • Add to your team by finding and re-animating the corpses of fallen warriors, unlocking 5 new character types.
  • 10 Massive levels with regenerating terrain and monsters for unlimited replay ability.
  • Hundreds of Monster types to battle and 10 unique end-bosses to test your mettle.
  • More than 200 weapons, items and power-ups to find, purchase, and accessorize.
  • A detailed ‘library’ system keeps track of every Monster, Item, Weapon, Power-up and Spell found during each mission. View complex stats, features and abilities with ease.
  • Compete against other cyborg teams in the Coliseum and earn riches and fame.
  • 100+ hours of dungeon-crawling game play.
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