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'World Airliners' - Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 3, 2002 @ 4:14 p.m. PDT

Two of flight simulation's most acclaimed airliners are now available for Flight Simulator 2002 in one great value package! Those who have flown the 777-200 Professional or 747-400 Professional, developed by Phoenix Simulations will already know what a special treat they hold for fans of the heavy metal - easily being two of best selling airliner add-ons of 2001 for Microsoft's multi-million selling Flight Simulator series.. Do you know your 777s from your 747s? Read more to find out with these 13 screenshots.

Now featuring updates to give compatibility with Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002 - these two aircraft have been relaunched by Just Flight as World Airliners in one great value boxed edition. And with a suggested retail price of less than £25 (that's roughly $40 or €40) for two amazing jet airliners those who missed them first time round should secure two first class seats at a coach-fare price before they sell out!

Phoenix, whose aircraft have received awards such as the Avsim Award of Excellence, PC Pilot Magazine's Classic Award and many others are simply the best there is. A bold claim, but supported by pilots such as former 777 captain, John Carbone Sr. "I had the pleasure of testing this package and found it to be as real as it can get for computer simulation. If you were wondering what it would be like to command the 777, this will give you all that and more."
World Airliners is shipping now with Flight Simulator 2000 and 2002 compatibility, comprehensive printed and electronic documentation, seventeen different airline variants and attention to detail that you would expect from Phoenix and Just Flight.

Full details from Just Flight at

Just Flight would like to point out that existing owners of the boxed editions of 777-200 or 747-400 Professional can download free updates for FS2002 compatibility from Those who bought download versions direct from Phoenix should visit

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