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TDK's Europe Christmas Console Lineup

by Thomas on Oct. 30, 2002 @ 11:11 a.m. PST

TDK Mediactive Europe, a leading entertainment software publisher, announced today its Christmas lineup of titles for the most popular ogre in the swamp. Based on the blockbuster movie from DreamWorks, Shrek will return for gaming fans everywhere on the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube systems and the Game Boy Advance handheld.

Barry Stearns, National Account Manager for TDK, said: "With the continued popularity of Shrek with children and fans alike, we are delighted to announce the imminent release of three new titles under the Shrek license which will be rolled out for Christmas retail, with a further title hitting stores in the New Year. In our latest titles, gamers choose their favourite character to play and jump, run, punch, charge and scream their way through fantasy lands, enchanted forests and creepy crypts guaranteeing fun and original gameplay for Shrek fans and experienced gamers."

The TDK Mediactive Shrek line up

Shrek Hassle at the Castle: A third-person action/adventure game with a Japanese-flavoured character design. The game loosely follows the storyline of the Academy Award® winning major motion picture. Shrek embarks on a journey to save his swamp that has been overrun by fairy tale creatures. In order to regain his rightful land, Shrek must rescue Princess FionaTM from the evil Dragon's castle and return her safely to Lord FarquaadTM. With over 20 big bad green missions, seven massive levels and multiplayer capabilities using one or two game packs Shrek Hassle at the Castle will be coming to Game Boy Advance on November 15th 2002 with a suggested retail price of £24.99. Shrek Hassle at the Castle is being developed by TOSE Software.

Shrek Treasure Hunt: Tons of Shrek fun on PlayStation One! In this third-person activity based video game kids can play as Shrek through a series of mini-games. It all starts in Shrek's swamp, where he and Princess Fiona are planning a picnic. It seems that three blind mice have borrowed Shrek's materials and, well, misplaced them. Players will play as Shrek and complete 10 different activity-based levels. Only when all the pieces are collected will Shrek and Princess Fiona be able to enjoy their lovely picnic. The hunt is scheduled to begin on November 29th 2002 with a suggested retail price of £9.99. Shrek Treasure Hunt is being developed by The Code Monkeys Ltd.

Shrek Super Party: Movie-like graphics and multi-player action come to the living room in this interactive board game with 30 action-packed mini-games! Up to four players can play as Shrek, Princess FionaTM, Lord FarquaadTM, Donkey, Monsieur Hood, or Thelonius. By advancing in the board game, swapping bugs and/or teaming-up against opponents, players will compete to earn 100 drops of bug juice and win the game. Shrek Super PartyTM is scheduled to release on Xbox and PlayStation2 on November 29th and December 13th 2002 and on GameCube in May 2003 with a suggested retail price of £39.99. Shrek Super Party is being developed by Mass Media.

Shrek Extra Large: The ogre is back! And he's EXTRA LARGE! Enhanced and redesigned for the GameCube demographic, the hit character-based platformer, Shrek is back and stacked with 10 levels, new and beloved twisted fairy tale characters, over 15 awesome cut scenes and action-packed gameplay! Players will explore twisted fairy tale lands and complete over 50 missions in order to rescue Princess Fiona. Scheduled to release on GameCube in January 2003 with a suggested retail price of £39.99. Shrek Extra Large is being developed by DICE Sweden.

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