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Face Of Mankind

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Duplex


'Face of Mankind' - Exclusive Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 30, 2002 @ 4:19 p.m. PST

A sophisticated, story-rich online role-playing game set in the 24th century; Face of Mankind combines action and social elements to create a unique online experience where the battle of good and evil is depicted in shades of grey. Set in a living, breathing world full of complex interactions, players are required to call upon their real-life skills such as guile and diplomacy.

Game elements:
There will be the following 3 important game elements:

- Role playing
- Action
- Economic strategy

Role playing:
The construction of his or her character will be a central task for the player. He or she must find their way in the game world, communicate with other players and take over tasks, not only to earn money but also to contribute a part to the story. These tasks will be missions, which can be of completely different nature; from soldier to mercenary up to the agent everyone will take part. The player will find his or her missions in his Recon Interface, which can be found in the ComLog.

At the beginning or later in the course of the game it is possible to join one out of 10 organisations.

Battles will happen on the colonies or, however, within conflicts between clans, as a policeman on earth or also as a bodyguard. If a player is killed, he begins either the game from the start and has nothing then or can reproduce himself. The reproduction of a player can happen only if a gene image was taken from him before. This costs money and can be executed regularly. Then the player awakes in his or her own flat, a place of security.

Because this is a very important game element, refinements are carried out here constantly. Anyway, senseless slaughtering is prevented.

Economic Strategy:
The player can trade with everything having a value, because a money exchange is possible all the time. From the serious shop (accessible via market terminals in every city or colony) as far as the smuggling with weapons or intoxication preparations, which increase force or protection briefly, everything will be possible. The illegal component makes the game more complex and more exciting.

Moreover, there is a complex economic system. Players who joined one of the 4 multinational companies will have control over it. On the colonies raw materials are mined from the planets´ surfaces. Dismantling places are available for it. Raw materials can then be produced into material groups (e.g., conductors, carbon fibres or chemicals).

The production of goods can only take place on earth in manufacturing plants. The production of every product will need different raw materials or material groups. So, for example, the production of a small MediKit needs cellulose, synthetic materials and chemicals in different amounts. Raw materials can also be acquired directly on the colonies. In a raw material exchange all offers are available. The transportation requires more time and depends on the distance of the colony from earth. But the dismantling of very rare raw materials will only be possible on far away colonies.

Operation and Interface:
The player moves intuitively in the first person perspective, like the movement in a 3D Shooter. Movement elements can be jumping, crawling, sitting or running. The surroundings are freely passable in every case and can always be viewed around with your mouse. In addition there will be special postures which represent the state of mind. The player can change the clothes if he carries them in his bag. The carrying of objects is limited and will also have influence on the player´s movement speed.

The worlds transporter systems (also known as Vortex Gates) will exist in different regions and make a nearly timeless travelling possible. This always happens separately. The player enters the gate and can then choose his destination. According to distance this will cost him credits of different amounts. For example, a short journey within the same city costs nothing and a trip to one of the colonies quite a lot. Therefore tactics will also play a big role.

Around the screen border the players´s Inventory and ComLog are eligible for selection. In the inventory you will find the objects currently in your bag. An exchange with other players is possible.

The ComLog is a multitalent. You will be able to do all communication (chat, notification across distances, cursing and exclamations) and information exchange with it. It is a data memory just like a bank terminal. Money exchange is possible with the ComLog. If there are news it will be indicated accoustically and optically on the screen.

The communication can take place in 3 main variants:

[ Chat with all players in a certain vicinity or chat in team mode ]
[ Exchange of news using the ComLog ]
[ Exclamations like cursing, cries of joy, sighing etc. ]

In the game menu one can change game attitudes and log off from the game. Game attitudes are in example allocation of the keys, mouse sensitivity etc.

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