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'Batman 2' Announced (PC/CONSOLE)

by Thomas on Oct. 31, 2002 @ 6:20 p.m. PST

Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's largest video game publishers, announced today that it will release Batman 2 (working title) during the Fall of 2003. A licensing agreement signed with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, divisions of Warner Bros., provides Ubi Soft with full production and publishing rights for the game. The brand new arcade-style action game features enhanced fighting scenes and will be available for next generation consoles.

"Ubi Soft believes the Batman franchise is poised to become a blockbuster in video games," said Laurent Detoc, President, Ubi Soft Entertainment, Inc. "The winning formula for BatmanTM: Vengeance will be improved upon as Batman 2 comes to life."

"After the success of Batman: Vengeance, the popular Batman franchise will continue to make strides in the gaming world with a sequel," said Philippe Erwin, Vice President of Interactive Entertainment for Warner Bros. Consumer Products. "The game's release on multiple platforms should extend Batman's reach to video game fans around the world."

Batman 2 comes on the tails of the phenomenal success of Batman: Vengeance, also developed by Ubi Soft. The game was one of the company's best-selling titles last year. The U.S. release of Batman: Vengeance on PCs this fall will widen the title's already large fan base.

Ubi Soft's production studios in Montreal will develop the game, which is based on The New Batman Adventures, the hit television animated series. Batman 2 will feature some of DC Comics' most popular characters, innovative gameplay with a selection of cutting-edge Batman gadgets and some of Gotham City's nastiest villains. Players will be challenged with a series of different missions enhanced with new combat technology and the ability to play more than one character.

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