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Xicat to release Zanzarah, Nov. 12

by Thomas on Oct. 4, 2002 @ 9:29 a.m. PDT

Xicat Interactive enters an enchanted world of fantasy with the Nov. 12 release of Zanzarah. The publisher of award-winning video games presents a female character set in a beautifully-rendered fantasy world to attract the too often neglected teenage female market.

While other game companies muscle their way into the hearts and minds of teenage boys, Xicat hears the call of the growing teen girl market and delivers with Zanzarah. Like a masterfully-edited film, violence in the game is only implied without sacrificing the thrilling action of a role-playing game.

"Of all the new video game players, 62 percent of them are females. Girls want games that are engaging and interactive. They want role-playing games. Why ignore this growing market, when we can tap into it and build a new fan base," says Jaimee B. Wolf, CEO of Xicat Interactive.

Of the new games released today 92 percent of them do not have a female as their leading character or any female characters of substance. Zanzarah’s heroine Amy, is a refreshingly strong and realistic (not a Barbie-esque vixen type) role model for teenage girls.

Amy, like many other adolescents, is having trouble relating to her parents (sound familiar), and escapes to a fantasy world. Her journey begins with a visit from a mysterious goblin. He informs Amy that she is the only hope for saving a paradise they call Zanzarah. Her quest to save this beautiful place is a mix of battles with angry fairies and sinister goblins while collecting talisman and magical items.

The environments throughout Zanzarah are visually stunning and the game play is intelligent and highly interactive, a definite plus for the fickle teen market. Developers went to extremes in order to create the beautiful and lush fantasy worlds that will certainly appeal to the intended female teen audience.

Zanzarah is scheduled be released for PC on Nov. 12, 2002. Xicat has plans for a mass release, leveraging the use of RenderWare to bring Zanzarah to Microsoft® XBox®, PlayStation2® and Gamecube® early in 2003.

Xicat has plans to release four PC titles, three Microsoft® XBox® titles, three Game Boy® Advance titles, and one PlayStation2® title before year-end 2002.

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