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'The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal' Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 5, 2002 @ 8:33 a.m. PDT

The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, IS an expansion pack for its critically acclaimed RPG, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.. In Tribunal, a ruthless new king has taken the throne of Morrowind, while an aging god drifts deeper into madness. Into this chaos you are thrust, with deadly assassins close behind you and Morrowind's uncertain future ahead. Your journey will lead you to Mournhold, capital city of Morrowind, to the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil, and through massive, epic-sized dungeons. The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal is scheduled for release this November. It will be distributed in North America by Bethesda Softworks, and in Europe by Ubi Soft Entertainment.

About Morrowind

Morrowind is an epic, open-ended single-player RPG in which a player can create and play any kind of character imaginable. Players can choose to follow the main storyline and find the source of the evil blight that plagues the land, or set off on their own to explore strange locations and develop their character based on their actions throughout the game. Featuring stunning 3D graphics, open-ended gameplay, and an incredible level of detail and interactivity, Morrowind offers a gameplay experience like no other for PC and Xbox.

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