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BioWare Job Posting: Experienced Writer

by Thomas on Oct. 7, 2002 @ 11:07 a.m. PDT

Bioware Corp. is seeking an experienced writer to help development on new ground-breaking role playing games.

Primary Task: Writing dialogue. Scripting dialogue. Must be able to write interesting dialogue in a timely fashion.
Secondary Tasks: Updating documentation that details the level design in the game. Coming up with story and puzzle ideas.

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Minimum education:
Bachelor of Arts

Familiarity with the fantasy genre and role-playing games is a must. Should have some experience with the NWN editor. Examples of work must be provided (see below).

Examples of Work:
Commercially published writing samples. Accepted mediums: comics, novels, screenplays, computer or video games. These examples must go beyond personal work, self-study or self-publication. We are looking for experienced writing or gaming professionals.

However, if you have no commercially published writing samples or relevant professional experience and would still like to be considered for the position, then an example of writing via the Neverwinter Nights toolset must be provided. Here are the guidelines for the module:

Make the module short.

There should be at least 3000 words of dialogue within the module.

The dialogue must be well commented.

All of the dialogue must be properly scripted.

There must be at least one store, XP handout, journal entry and encounter within the module.

We will be judging your ability to write dialogue that is interesting and has personality. The characters you are writing have to be engaging in a manner that immediately draws in the reader.

The dialogue must be fun and easy to read, not overly verbose.

We will also be judging the structure of your dialogue. Does the dialogue flow logically? Does the player feel in control of the conversation?

Examples of the style of game dialogue that we are looking for: Baldur's Gate 2. Planescape Torment. Neverwinter Nights.

Please note that all submissions must be preceded by a faxed copy of our Product Submission Agreement. We will only accept electronic copies if they have an original signature scanned in to the document; an electronic [signature] is not valid. Our fax number is 1-780-439-6374.

If you have applied for past design/writing positions, we ask that you reapply for this position with a new application, including a module submission. We will not be considering past applications for previous design positions for this new posting. Please send your completed application to

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