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Big Mutha Truckers (PS2/XB) 'Too Rude' For TV

by Thomas on Oct. 7, 2002 @ 1:03 p.m. PDT

Empire's Trucking extravaganza Big Mutha Truckers has been deemed too rude to be shown before the 9PM TV watershed by the BACC. Bear in mind this is the same BACC that allowed a rather sexual beer ad which blatantly suggests fellatio from a vacuum cleaner for the robotic drinker. Yet again it seems to be either a case of games paranoia by the powers that be or simply the age-old problem of big blue chip companies not having to play by the same set of rules as the smaller companies.

Chris East Head of Marketing & PR for Empire Interactive Europe Limited screamed down the phone "It's outrageous, just because the name Big Mutha Truckers is a tenuous play on a' well known' phrase, we've been banned from doing a rather splendid TV ad. Although perhaps submitting the script with a truck running over an old lady's dog didn't help our case."

Big Mutha Truckers will be released on November 29th, probably after 21:00 hours when it won't pervert the nation.

Developed by Eutechnyx, proven developers in the racing genre with titles like Le Mans 24 Hours and F1 World Grand Prix 2000 under their belt.

Over 30 Mission based levels to truck through or a 60 day trading free for all.

Get your hands on the steering wheels of 4 'Big Mutha Trucks'.

Full damage model on all vehicles, involving deformation, animation and detachables.

Truck and trailer customisation with custom Paint Tool.

Truck repairs, upgrades and accessories.

Reputation and notoriety system.

Player interactive with varied game world characters.

Release: Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft® Xbox scheduled for November 2002
Age Rating: ESLPA 11+
Developer: Eutechnyx

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