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'Primal' (PS2) - Character Profiles & Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 7, 2002 @ 1:21 p.m. PDT

Primal is the first PlayStation 2 title by SCEE Studio Cambridge, the Bafta Award winning studio behind C-12 and the MediEvil series. Primal features state-of-the-art motion capture animation, advanced AI and integrated cut scenes. Dynamic loading and detail management methods are used to present environments of exceptional size, beauty and complexity with no load delays.. Check out character profiles of the Wraiths and prime yourself for 16 new screenshots.


The Aetha realm is a place of mountain peaks and clouds. The mountainsides are so steep and treacherous that its inhabitants are forced to live solely on the plateaus and peaks jutting above cloud level.

The Wraith

There are two factions to Wraith society: aristocrats and peasants. While all Wraith are ugly and fearsome in appearance, it is only the aristocrats who are truly evil. They lead a life of indulgence and vice, throwing extravagant banquets and decadent masked-balls while the peasants live in squalor. The Wraith ruling class are selfish and evil, clearly aligned with Chaos. References: The Centauri from Babylon5. 17th Century French aristocracy.

Wraith backplot

The wraith aristocracy have been given machinery that enables them to drain a special invigorating essence from the blood of their beleaguered cousins.

They prey upon the peasant villagers forcing them to give up the strongest of their group for their vampiric needs.

Chronos has been massively weakened from the effort of trying to balance the irregular flow of energy...

Raum - Wraith Count.
Empusa - Wraith Countess.
Elizabeth - Wraith daughter of Raum and Empusa.

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