'GB Rally 2 Advance' (GBA) A Potential Colin-Worrier

by Thomas on Feb. 1, 2002 @ 10:24 a.m. PST

GB Rally 2 Advance is the sequel of one of the greatest rally game ever developed on GameBoy Color. But this new version has studied to run on the new Nintendo GameBoy Advance (GBA) hardware. The structure of the game is similar to the prequel, adding new features and making it more suitable as simulation and squeezing eyes to the rally title that run on more powerful hardware. Read more below for all facts and just one screenshot - but it's a good 'un.


The user is in charge of driving some of the powerful cars along many tracks around the world and challenge other drivers in different competition such as championship, time attack and more, including multiplayer features.

This time the view of game will not be from the top, but in 3D view, thanks to the new features and powerful of the GBA, this changes will give a great feeling of speed and immersion in the game, taking the players into a new portable driving experience.

Cars will have different behaviours according to the road fund, still adding more fun and simulation to what was the first GB-Rally.

Also a section of car setting will be introduced before the competition. Then the user, according with the track features and layout, will be able to setting his car in different ways. The Rally cars in this game can be visually damaged and repaired in the appropriate section. The game feature also a 360° animations for the car, this means that the car will be able to turn around and also overturned after a big crash. Visually this is rewarding, as well as in terms of the game play. Multiplayer option will be also available, allowing up to 4 players to join the game.

The new features added, the improved playability and the strong gameplay will make GB-Rally 2 one of the key titles on GameBoy Advance!!!!

8 cars (plus hidden stuff). Whit different damaged version for each to allow visible car damages after crashes.

14 different location

42 different tracks.

Track will be not flat as in the other GBA games, but will feature climbs and descents, for a more challenghing track and no boring ones.

Different play modes: single race, Championship, time attack, multiplayer, practice.

Up to 4 players can join the game.

Password/battery back up systems to load your previous game.

Setting car section in which the user can modify the parameters of his cars to achieve the best performance on every tracks and conditions.

Repair section to add more strategy, challenging and rewarding for the user.

Only for GameBoy Advance.

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