Super Trucks: Size Truly Does Matter…

by Thomas on Feb. 1, 2002 @ 6:37 p.m. PST

North Wales: New publisher, Jester Interactive, has announced a new breed of racing game, with the officially-endorsed Super Trucks set to roll on to PlayStation 2 in April 2002.

Jester Interactive revs up Super Trucks for first foray as stand-alone publisher

The Super Truck motorsport is second only to Formula 1 in terms of attendance and popularity in Europe and, for the first time in a PlayStation 2 title, Jester Interactive has recreated the sheer power and skill the sport demands in a stunning racing game.

The appeal of Super Truck racing is universal, with race attendance figures reaching in excess of 250,000. The trucks are factory-supplied by world-renowned manufacturers such CAT, MAN and Mercedes, with the specially-tuned, high-performance 1400bhp behemoths in turn entered into the tournaments by highly-skilled race teams.

Boasting seven International, real-life circuits and trucks authentically recreated from the schematics of 14 officially licensed teams, Super Trucks is an extremely close representation of the real thing. The gameplay is delicately balanced to show the aggression, power and incredible speeds of the massive vehicles, yet retains the immediacy of a gripping racing game.

Super Trucks is also incredibly adaptable, with a comprehensive options menu allowing players to adjust the handling of each of the five-ton trucks to compensate for the effects of varied weather conditions and accrued damage.

Game modes include four Championships, each of which must be completed in order to unlock hidden vehicles and courses, with single and arcade races, time trials and pan-European competitions available as single or split screen two-player games. An extensive Replay Theatre is also included to show off the many crashes and tussles that are the backbone of the Super Truck genre, and can then be saved to Memory Card for prosperity.

In keeping with the aggressive nature of the sport, Super Trucks also boasts stunning driver AI. Depending on the way the player drives, the CPU-controlled drivers react accordingly cutting the player up or using their slipstream to overtake on the final straight.

The rough and tumble nature of Super Trucks is further demonstrated via realistic damage routines, with bonnets, wings and bumpers torn off as the trucks smash into each other and debris littering the course as races progress. To this end, Jester has created a special TDS© system (Truck Damage System), wherein, true to life, the hardwearing trucks can withstand heavy damage without affecting the manoeuvrability of the actual vehicle.

Coupled with stunning visuals that emphasise the sheer speed of Super Truck racing, replays directed by top Formula One cameramen and authentic tracks that include Alastaro in Finland, Spain's Jarama circuit and Nogaro in France, Super Trucks will be a new benchmark in heavyweight racing games.


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