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Arcturus - Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 11, 2002 @ 3:44 p.m. PST

We got a new set of in-game screenshots from Blueinca Studios Ltd and the upcoming title, Arcturus. These screens feature new game units such as the Lumeran Advanced fighter, Light Bomber and Destroyer, further enhancements in dynamic lighting and particle effects, and a first glimpse at a tunnel/cave level that is currently being worked on.

A cutting edge 3D games engine has been developed specifically to support the needs of this innovative new game. The aim is to give the player a truly cinematic experience, pushing the boundaries of realism further than any game has yet managed.

The setting for the game is a distant alien planet which orbits the Arcturus star. It is occupied by two distinct species struggling for domination of their world. Each species has totally unique cities, towns and architecture. They also have a large number of vehicles, each with their own unique roles in the game play. A few examples include: Energy Gas collectors, small patrol crafts and vast 'Battle Carriers' with their contingent of fighters.

The 3D game world consists of many vast diverse environments. These include snow capped mountain ranges, desert, volcanoes, canyons, sea and islands. The gameplay evolves across these regions taking each species through four technological stages.

The game is heavily action based and can be played in both first and third person views. It also has strong real-time strategy game elements. The action is vehicle based in vast 3D environments, offering non linear game progression.

Both single and multiplayer games will be supported.

The game player takes on the dual role of leader for one of the species, and also as their champion fighter. In the role of leader, they will have the responsibility of building up the species from its primitive beginnings, exploring and controlling new lands and building up it's wealth, technology and military strength.

As champion fighter, the player will be given their species most advanced fighting crafts to pilot. Their role will be to defend their nation, help their allies, and lead the attack into enemy territory.
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