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'Mini Combat' Announced - Facts and Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 11, 2002 @ 4:52 p.m. PST

CDV Software Entertainment UK announces Mini Combat, an online mini-game, designed to promote the forthcoming Combat Mission.

CDV Software Entertainment UK has today released its latest title – an online mini-game designed to promote the forthcoming UK retail release of Combat Mission.

Located at, the turn-based strategy game allows players to challenge their mates anywhere in the world to a spot of mini combat. A range of different maps and scenarios are available over a number of different terrains - and each requires a different approach if victory is to be achieved. The number of maps available is set to grow over the coming weeks.

An online ranking system tracks worldwide player stats, with monthly prizes offered to the best-performing players.

"Mini Combat has been designed to capture the essence of the full release in an immediately accessible way," said Edward Willey, Web Programmer, CDV Software Entertainment UK. "We've been trialing the game among CDV staff and our mates, and I have to admit we've all probably spent far too much time testing it. And with the online ranking system, we’re all aiming to be number one. I can see this running and running."

Developed by, Combat Mission is a highly-rated turn-based strategy title, depicting the fighting on the western front of World War II between the D-Day invasion of Normandy and the end of the war. On its original release in June 2000, it received rave reviews, gleaning a host of awards from magazines the world over. Its current score is 9.1/10, and having achieved “Editors Choice” at the likes of, Adrenaline Vault, and the Gold Award from Gamesdomain.

CDV UK’s boxed version will for the first time collate a host of game modifications which enhance the game no end. Over 150 of these modifications are included on the special two-disc set, offering enhancements such as additional scenarios, skins and textures.

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