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Majesco Announce ‘CRASH’ For The XBox

by Thomas on Feb. 11, 2002 @ 7:06 p.m. PST

Majesco, one of the fastest-growing publishers of interactive entertainment software, today announced Crash will make its debut on the Xbox video game console system from Microsoft. Developed by Rage Software, the demolition-derby style racer will be released this spring. "recent posted screens here"


Demolition-Derby Style Racer Game Hits Stores This Spring

“Sporting an extensive, realistic damage and wreckage system, coupled with exceptionally detailed vehicles, Crash is poised to deliver a unique and superior gaming experience,” said Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing. “With 360-degrees of driving freedom, Crash’s pioneering style of game play is sure to pump adrenaline into the veins of Xbox gamers everywhere.”

Crash is a fast-paced, visually and audibly stunning smash-em-up. Both the outer shell of the car (windows, hood, fenders, doors) and the chassis underneath can sustain damage that affects the car’s performance. The 12 featured hotrods, muscle and performance cars are exceptionally detailed with each car comprised of over 10,000 polygons each car has its own driving style and attributes.

Crash’s scoring is based on the damage inflicted on other cars and bonus points can be earned for “Crowd Pleasers” such as rolling a car and features different game modes such as Career, Arcade, Multiplayer, and Team games. With a split-screen, four-player mode, Crash allows players to challenge their friends and destroy their ride.

While playing Crash, players are able to choose from 18 customizable game types and challenges, some of which include:

Free for All -- a standard deathmatch-style game;
Stuntman -- where points are scored for pulling off stunts, jumps, spins and destroying breakable objects;
Eliminator -- a race where the last player to pass through successive check points is eliminated;
Offensive and Defensive Driving -- allowing the gamer to take out an opponent in a given time period or take on a two-on-one challenge where the objective is to stay alive;
Target Jumping -- in which the player dodges traffic, hits the ramp and nails a target;
Hunter -- score from hitting a changing designated target;
Multi-tag -- hit every other vehicle in the arena within a given time frame;
Bus Jumping – become a daredevil and go for as many as you can without wrecking.

Crash also features exciting replay highlights and the option to choose between eight indoor and outdoor tracks and arenas, including four areas for challenges.

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