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Rabid Dogs² Announced

by Thomas on Feb. 11, 2002 @ 11:06 p.m. PST

Rabid Dogs² is a twisted story about crime, sex and money. The player takes on the role of various 'bad guys', such as hired guns, mercenaries and hit-men, who make a living killing, robbing, demolishing, kidnapping and doing all sorts of other 'evil' things. Rabid Dogs² is dripping with wicked black humor, similar to that found in the best Tarantino films.


Rabid Dogs² is essentially a turn-based tactical game, using an isometric view with 2D pre-rendered graphics combined with 3D light effects. It also includes some elements of CRPG (such as character development) and adventure games (a great storyline). In terms of game-play, Rabid Dogs² can be compared to titles like Jagged Alliance, UFO or Fallout.

Rabid Dogs² is a game of quotations. The storyline makes allusions to the most famous - as well as infamous - people, events and situations. In Rabid Dogs² there are references to front-page politicians and celebrities, characters from well-known films, games and books…and modern pop-culture in general. Through its black "gallows" humor, the game provides a biting commentary on a modern society where Good is Bad, and Bad is even Worse. Nobody and nothing is spared - this is the maxim of Rabid Dogs².

Work in progress SCREENSHOTS

The planned release date for Rabid Dogs² is Q1, 2003.

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