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DIGGLES Demo - Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 16, 2002 @ 2:16 p.m. PST

We grabbed the 114 MB demo of DIGGLES: The Myth of Fenris today and snapped some shots.. DIGGLES is a new and exciting 3D strategy game that features dwarflike characters of the same name, immerses players into a magical underground world full of adventure, danger and mystery. Check out our screens below!

Players take on the role of a Diggles Clan who must descend into the underground world where they must find and solve the secret of the horrible mighty Fenris. Accomplishing the dangerous mission will take decades and will involve many generations of dwarfs. During their journey the dwarfs have to pass through four different worlds and more than 100 different quests have to be solved.

Players must teach their Diggles new survival techniques, such as the ability to forge new weapons to defend themselves against other clans and various other beasts that roam the world. They must also learn to cook, raise pets, retrieve valuable resources, and produce tools and machinery for construction. Players must also arrange a daily schedule that not only determines how much work the dwarfs must do, but what kind of activities they'll perform in their leisure time! Players must leave room for sleep, card playing, chit chatting and even a visit to the local bar! It's even possible for two Diggles to fall in love and reproduce offspring that have the same skills and attributes as their parents.

The gameplay is addictive and the characters and story are intriguing.
Give Diggles a chance, try the demo!

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