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'Platinum' Greatest Hits Collection (PS2)

by Thomas on Feb. 18, 2002 @ 3:36 p.m. PST

For only the second time in the history of PlayStation, a new collection of 'Platinum' greatest hits games will debut from 1st March 2002. Check out pressrelease below!

PlayStation launches 'Platinum' Greatest Hits Collection

The 'Platinum ' collection will feature some of the best selling and most popular game titles of recent years on PlayStation 2. Building on the hugely successful Platinum collection for the original PlayStation, the first batch of nine games; four from SCEE and five from third party publishers will debut in the shops from 1st March at a significant discount to the normal price of such top selling games. At least a dozen other third party titles will become eligible to go Platinum in the following months.

The first nine titles to go Platinum are Gran Turismo 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Formula 1 2001 and Dead or Alive 2, all from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe; Timesplitters from Eidos; Oni from Take 2; Crazy Taxi from Acclaim; Red Faction from THQ and Starwars:Starfighter from LucasArts.

Phil Harrison, SCEE Senior Vice President of Development was delighted at the news, "Platinum is really fantastic news for gamers. These are a real 'greatest hits' selection and represent the pinnacle of game playing enjoyment. In addition to being a 'must-have' for the serious gamer, Platinum attracts new gamers, keen to experience the best video games around at a value for money price."

For a game to win the ultimate accolade of release as a Platinum title, it must have achieved a stated minimum sales level across the SCEE territories in the last nine months, a hurdle that the first titles have cleared with ease.

Commenting on the launch of Platinum, SCEE's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, David Reeves said, "The original Platinum collection was hugely successful, with over 50 million Platinum titles sold for PS one. Experienced gamers know that they are getting the pick of the crop with a Platinum title, and are doing so at a great price, while the Platinum collection provides the perfect entry route for those new to gaming - an unbeatable combination!"

Jonathan Kemp, European MD of Eidos - "We are absolutely delighted that the success of Timesplitters has made it eligible to join the Platinum collection. As with the original Platinum collection, this brand represents a huge 'seal of quality' for the consumer. It is a great accolade and a ringing endorsement of the popularity of Timesplitters".

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