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Black Jack Pro Announced

by Thomas on Feb. 19, 2002 @ 9:13 a.m. PST

G3 Studios, a developer and publisher of video games for handheld devices, Pocket PC and other platforms, today unveiled its first title, "Black Jack Pro," scheduled for release later this month. It marks the first title in a series of video games specifically designed and developed for handheld devices, such as the Pocket PC platforms and Sharp Zaurus.


G3 Studios prepares launch of its product catalog with the release of "Black Jack Pro" later this month

"Black Jack Pro" is an upscale Black Jack game that has a number of features that set it apart from the typical shareware-style crop of similarly themed casino games. Apart from 16-bit graphics and animation, the game accommodates different game styles and rules, while also teaching winning strategies.

"We tried to capture the essence of a real casino Black Jack game," G3 Studios' CEO Guido Henkel says. "Whether you want to play according to the Las Vegas Strip Rules, or feel like you're in Atlantic City, the game accommodates these games."

"Black Jack Pro" allows players to select from Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Downtown, Reno and Atlantic City rules, all of which are faithfully implemented in the game. The game is highly customizable, allowing the player to turn various features on and off at any time, while also selecting the number of decks in play and the minimum bets for tables.

"And while you're at it," Henkel adds, "Black Jack Pro will help you become a better player with its tutoring and help modes."

Setting it apart from other Black Jack games, "Black Jack Pro" contains a tutor to help players understand and play basic strategies for Black Jack games. The game will teach the player to make the right decisions, when to hit, when to stand and when to double-up.

"The real gem of the game is the card counting support." Henkel says. "We have implemented support for two levels of card counting strategies that every player can learn. It is no secret that card counting can give you a significant boost over the house, especially in Black Jack, but most players are intimidated by the prospect of learning how to count cards. Black Jack Pro introduces a simple system that anyone can learn, teaching players to keep track of the odds and adjusting their betting and playing style accordingly."

"Black Jack Pro" allows players to learn card counting at their own pace before putting their skill to the test at the real tables. It makes card counting easy and efficient, allowing players to notably improve their playing skills.

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