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Downforce (PS2) - First In-Game Screens & Facts

by Thomas on Feb. 19, 2002 @ 10:53 a.m. PST

In the near future motorsport has become dull - too many rules and regulations mean that all the excitement has gone from the sport. A few adrenaline-hungry drivers decide to break away and form their own high octane racing league. Enter the world of Downforce on PlayStation 2. Check out first screens and facts below!

Titus Unveils First Shots Of High Octane PS2 Racer

Forget about the all-too-similar contemporary motorsport cars, Downforce features 14 modified single-seater racing cars designed for speed. Crash them and you’ll know about it - with fully deformable bodies recreating realistic high-speed impacts.

Topping up the excitement quota, all the tracks are based in real world cities. No more deadly-dull Hockenheim to ruin all the fun. It’s like Monaco every time you race, with 21 different routes in 8 spectacular locations: Tokyo, Las Vegas, Sydney, Singapore, Florida, Hong Kong Airport, plus 3 hidden tracks including Toronto and Geneva.

Downforce on PlayStation 2 concentrates on making street racing exciting - ignore the regulations and break the rules as you go for all-out racing thrills in super cars that make McClaren look like Skodas.

Downforce Features:

14 Playable Cars (with four to unlock) and 12 different drivers.

10 cars on the track at any time ensure a packed starting grid.

21 different routes in eight spectacular locations: Tokyo, Las Vegas, Sydney, Singapore, Florida, Hong Kong Airport, plus three hidden tracks.

Three difficulty modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert).

Seven game modes including two adrenalin-pumping two-player modes

Fast, edited highlights and not just an action replay of the whole race.

Constant action through adaptive AI of competing cars.

100% Arcade game modes like Time Tag and Trophy races.

Exaggerated SFX: a complex physics engine means you’ll never see the same crash twice.

All sound effects are presented in Dolby Surround Sound.

Downforce is developed by Smart Dog and will be published by Titus and distributed by Virgin Interactive this May for Playstation2.

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