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'Quadro4' Family Of Professional Graphics Solutions

by Thomas on Feb. 19, 2002 @ 3:16 p.m. PST

NVIDIA Corporation today introduced the Quadro4 family of professional graphics solutions. The Quadro4 family of professional graphics solutions includes the Quadro4 XGL series and the Quadro4 NVS series - all of which deliver industry-leading performance and innovative features, strengthening NVIDIA’s position as the technology leader in the professional graphics market.


NVIDIA Corporation introduces the Quadro4 family of professional graphics solutions.

“For the last three years, NVIDIA has fundamentally changed the world of professional and workstation graphics. With the Quadro4 family, NVIDIA is changing the landscape of the professional graphics market once again,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at NVIDIA. “The Quadro4 family’s performance and groundbreaking new features, including NVIDIA’s nView™ multidisplay technology, extend NVIDIA’s position as the premier provider of graphics solutions for the professional market.”

The Quadro4 XGL Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) line up provides the ideal graphics solution for every workstation user – from the power user who makes his living with computer-aided design (CAD) or digital content creation (DCC) applications and requires the fastest professional graphics solution available to the occasional designer who needs entry-level performance at an aggressive price. Quadro 4 XGL GPUs support advanced shader operations and are designed to accelerate OpenGL® and DirectX® professional applications by implementing workstation specific functionality, such as hardware overlay planes, hardware-accelerated antialiased points and lines, advanced memory management and other features critical to improving performance in professional applications.

The Quadro4 XGL product series consists of:

Quadro4 900 XGL- the industry’s most powerful and robust graphics solution, and represents a revolutionary combination of performance and features.

Quadro4 700 and 750 XGL– offers high-end features, including a fully programmable graphics pipeline, and an aggressive price.

Quadro4 500 and 550 XGL– providing an ideal balance of price and performance, the Quadro4 500 and 500 XGL series is targeted for midrange MCAD and DCC applications.

The Quadro4 NVS series of multidisplay professional graphics solutions offers industry-leading acceleration, crystal clear image quality, and ultimate stability for professional 2D applications popular in the financial services market and the Non-Linear Video Editing market (NLE).

The Quadro4 NVS product series consists of:

Quadro4 200NVS- low profile, dual head graphics solution offering tremendous flexibility for users requiring support for dual analogue and/or digital displays.

Quadro4 400NVS– ultimate graphics solution for users that require maximum screen real estate. Powered by two GPUs, the Quadro4 400NVS supports up to four analogue or digital displays.

All Quadro4 products feature nView, NVIDIA’s multidisplay technology that supports arrangements of analogue monitors and digital flat panel displays that can be combined to drastically increase the user’s working desktop. nView’s smart and flexible interface has built-in usability features to minimise set-up and maximise productivity. Features such as hot-key binding, smart Windows® management enhancements, and the ability to name and save up to 32 different desktop configurations make nView the most advanced, flexible and user-friendly multidisplay management system available.

NVIDIA’s Quadro4 products also utilise the NVIDIA Unified Driver ArchitectureTM (UDA), a set of backward and forward, top to bottom compatible graphics drivers that optimise application performance, stability, and reliability. UDA provides a single driver for all NVIDIA products, easing installation and providing tremendous levels of manageability. NVIDIA Quadro4 products feature certification support for an extensive list of CAD, DCC, Non-Linear Video Editing and financial services applications. They also include a series of custom application drivers featuring key enhancements vital to graphics professionals, including the ELSA® MAXtremeTM driver for 3ds max™, the ELSA POWERdraftTM driver for AutoCADTM and the QuadroViewTM driver for professional MCAD 3D visualisation.

Quadro4 XGL and Quadro4 NVS products are expected to be available at retail and in systems from leading workstation OEMs and system builders in the beginning of March 2002.

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