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The Y-Project - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 2, 2002 @ 9:16 a.m. PST

Westka Interactive GmbH has today revealed the first details of The Y-Project, its forthcoming PC CD-ROM first-person action/adventure, scheduled for a Q1 2003 release. The game utilises the latest Unreal technology to power its explosive tale of two competing factions vying for the right to save mankind.

The Y-Project takes place on a distant planet, 200 years in the future. For the past 70 years, man has been constructing a new home far away from Earth. Yet a savage insect alien threat has forced the population into a giant city protected by a vast dome. As the game begins, a swarm of mutated insects has breached the dome. Mankind must embark on a tense fight for survival.

Westka Interactive has been writing software principally for the German market since 1993, but The Y-Project is clearly designed for the worldwide gaming audience. Its staff has a wealth of experience, having previously worked on such interactive entertainment games as Rayman, Settlers and Battle Isle, Incoming and many others. Westka is the interactive entertainment arm of German media companies Brainpool TV AG and VIVA Media AG, who are publicly quoted on the German "New market".

The Y-Project uses the latest version of Epic’s staggering Unreal engine, which is being continually updated throughout development. The game’s levels have been constructed under the guidance of professional architects to ensure the cityscape creates an in-game world which is futuristic yet believable.

The power of the Unreal engine allows players to explore both indoor and outdoor environments spread across different locations. Advanced particle effects help bring every molecule of the world to life. MathEngine’s Karma physics model completes the realism, ensuring bodies, creatures and objects react as one would expect in reality.

Early indications bode well: "We are very impressed with what Westka's development team has done so far with the latest Unreal Engine technology, " said Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games. "When The Y-Project is released I expect that people will be blown away by its attention to detail and engrossed in its compelling story. This will definitely be a game to watch for."

"Working with Epic's Unreal Engine was one of the best decisions we have made regarding The Y-Project," said Thomas Schaefer. "The power of Unreal Engine has allowed us to bring our vision to reality."

The player takes the role of an involuntary hero; one of the last surviving humans. His role is to rid the world of the insect threat, through any means possible. Throughout the game, two factions – one Military, the other Scientific – vie to enlist the player into their ranks by offering weapons upgrades, additional items and extra power. It is the player’s choice as to whether to switch allegiances and take the bounty or continue being loyal to one, losing the reward forever.

Temptation plays an important part in the game as players decide which faction to side with. The leaders will continually try to convince players to switch; yet doing so too often will result in a lack of power on both sides. The key to success lies in a carefully-balanced path of alliances; and with some of the important items only appearing once in each game – if you don’t grab them then, they will never be seen again – the replay value is immense.

The player is always into the challenge to trust one faction, or the other and will always get totally different weapons and tools from each one of them as a reward. So it is up on the player of its own, to choose which faction he would prefer to follow.

It is this conflict which really sets The Y-Project apart. Through their actions, players build up characteristics which will offer additional gaming options. More military power will gain access to harder, more explosive weapons. Scientific abilities allow players to resolve problems in a different manner. Multiple solutions are always available, giving players unparalleled freedom to play the game in a manner which suits their style – either gun-ho or with more emphasis on quest-solving.

The Y-Project is peppered with show-stopping set pieces which surprise at every turn; players will be constantly kept on their toes as the insect threat is revealed. Each insect class has its own way of attacking – some climb walls, others fire lethal spikes. All are extremely deadly and not that easy to kill!.

The Y-Project aims to set new standards for the games industry. It combines the best party of FPS, RPG and Action-Adventure to a complete new way of game, Gameplay and game-experience. Its unique faction system will challenge players psychologically, while the insect threat will push players to their gaming limits. Using the very latest technology not just as a showcase but as an integral part of the game, it will change the way people play first-person action adventures.

The Y-Project is scheduled for completion during Q1 2003. The official website is located at

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