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SWAT: Urban Justice Announced

by Thomas on Feb. 20, 2002 @ 8:59 a.m. PST

Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, today announced SWAT: Urban Justice, 4th in the SWAT series and the most compelling game yet from their award-winning franchise. Offering a premier law enforcement experience, SWAT: UJ allows gamers to become a modern day hero and live the life of an elite SWAT officer. Players can go head-to-head with Los Angeles' most brutal street gangs when SWAT: UJ is released worldwide this September for the PC.

Sierra Entertainment, Inc. Announces SWAT(tm): Urban Justice

Next Game in the Heroic SWAT Franchise to Ship September

"SWAT: Urban Justice takes the great gameplay pioneered in SWAT 3 to an entirely new level with its new Takedown engine, faster pace, and 24-person multiplayer capabilities," says Adam Fossa, brand manager at Sierra. "Combine these new features with the added flexibility of Jumpstart mode, and the option to assign football-style plays to your five-man element, SWAT: Urban Justice becomes the perfect first-person shooter for everyone."

SWAT: Urban Justice is the only game to reward players for saving lives and protecting the innocent. It delivers 16 intense missions set in stunningly realistic Los Angeles locations that can be played in mission, career, and multiplayer modes. New weapons, characters, and gear, including the ability to pick up and use an opponent's radio, will also be included.

SWAT: Urban Justice takes place in the year 2006. After years of intense gang warfare, it's time to take back the streets of Los Angeles using the latest in technology and the highly trained men and women of the Special Weapons and Tactics unit. As a member of this elite force, the player's five and ten-man teams will bring order to chaos and help the city shine for its 225th anniversary.

SWAT: Urban Justice also includes all of the community building tools needed to create customized versions of SWAT. Using innovative mission and campaign editors embedded in SWAT: UJ, players can create new single missions and careers, and then populate them with SWAT officers, suspects, and hostages. The robust Mod support in SWAT: UJ also helps to ensure massive replayability by allowing the community to share their new content with other gamers.

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