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TimeSplitters goes Platinum - Screens & Facts

by Christian on Feb. 20, 2002 @ 10:30 a.m. PST

Eidos Interactive announces that TimeSplitters is to appear on the newly created PlayStation 2 'Platinum' collection. The game will be released in March at £19.99.

Developed by Free Radical Design, TimeSplitters was released to coincide with the European launch of PlayStation 2 in November 2000. The game received widespread critical acclaim including a BAFTA nomination, and was one of the UK's biggest selling launch titles.

Jonathan Kemp, European MD of Eidos says: "We are absolutely delighted that the success of TimeSplitters has made it eligible to join the PlayStation 2 Platinum collection. As with the original Platinum collection, this brand represents a huge 'seal of quality' for the consumer. It is a great accolade and a ringing endorsement of the popularity of TimeSplitters".

The TimeSplitters - an evil race dwelling outside of time and space. Throughout history they have manipulated the fate of humanity. Now, roused from an ancient sleep, the TimeSplitters cross the threshold from their shadowy dimension to confront a disparate collection of heroes who must attempt to stop them...

TimeSplitters is a first person arcade shooter with the emphasis on fast, frantic action. The game has a progressive story mode with nine episodes spanning a hundred years (1 player or 2 player co-operative). The arcade mode features numerous multi-player features with scenarios including deathmatch, capture the bag, escort and last stand. A simple and intuitive mapmaker even allows players to create their own exciting deathmatch levels.


1-player, 2-player (co-operative/competitive), 4-player split-screen game modes.

Furious Blastfest: fast and smooth arcade action.

Richly detailed and varied levels spanning different themes and times.

Numerous gameplay scenarios - Deathmatch, Capture-The-Bag, Escort, Last Stand, etc.

More than 60 unique playable characters

More than 30 weapons

Simple and intuitive mapmaker allows players to create their own exciting Deathmatch levels.

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