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DarkSpace - Facts & Screens

by Christian on Feb. 20, 2002 @ 11:47 a.m. PST

Psychosys Inc., working with independent game studio Palestar, is seeking international strategic partners for licensing the Massively Multiplayer Online Game DarkSpace for the PC, which has already been launched in association with Playnet in North America. We now have some new screens and facts for you to check out below!

About DarkSpace

DarkSpace takes place in a tumultuous universe of political infighting, economic sanctions and diplomatic posturing. All of the major factions have definite hostility towards one another, but a few splinter outposts are staying neutral, at least initially, to determine their best interest. In the midst of turmoil and civil unrest, players start as an ensign, piloting smaller craft and will eventually work their way up to a fleet admiral controlling a capital ship and plotting maneuvers in one of the three initial factions.

Hundreds of players will join together online in a fast paced struggle for mankind's destiny. Individual mission goals will vary and successful completion of objectives will alter the galaxy toward that faction's favor. The galaxy is designed to be altered directly by concerted player effort. By cooperation within a faction or group, players will achieve scenario objectives and push back the rival factions. Random events are possible and will definitely require player cooperation to save the chosen faction from obliteration.


Featuring 3D accelerated graphics using PaleStar's proprietary Medusa engine!

Command over 18 unique spacecraft and installations from the three warring factions!

Dynamic stereo rendered environmental sound, ranging from the crackling hum of alien particle beams splitting 5-kilometer capital ships in half to the frantic radio distress calls from allied ships on the verge of destruction!

Massive planets, asteroid fields, orbiting moons, brilliant stars, wormholes, and black holes rendered in beautiful detail!

Real time particle systems showing ship damage, torpedo impacts, nebulas and various other gorgeous effects will startle the senses!

Players subscribe and participate in massively multiplayer world shattering campaigns, receive dynamic content updates of new ship types, new races, technology, and strategies that will make the game virtually replayable.

Global Ranking boards keep an active career report on players: tracking ranks, achievements, kills, campaign wins and a host of other statistics and accolades, such as Merit badges, medals and commendations. Subscribing members only!

Team play capability supporting anywhere from 1 on 1 skirmishes to an all out 200-player grand scale war with a full host of capital ships, frigates, interceptors, multi-atmospheric bomber squadrons, orbiting battle platforms, stealth craft, marines boarding ships and assaulting planets. Zero- G commando units and over 25 unique weapons systems with each faction having its own specialized weapons!

Use the intuitive command system to send orders to subordinates, allowing player-to-player communications with a click of the mouse. View your ship status from the Engineering window, setting repair priorities and viewing the state of ship's systems and weapons!

The game play supports a variety of skill levels. New players will be commissioned on a smaller, less complicated craft learning how to handle basic tasks and eventually gaining prestige and rank to take on more responsibility and command!

Various victory conditions in different scenarios will challenge even the most skilled players allowing a multitude of strategies and attacks. Intuitive control allows players to set waypoints, pre-plot hyperspace travel routes, and move fluidly through the universe!

The Fog of War requires stealth and scouting to know the enemy's location and win the battle. Spies can raid enemy installations and gather valuable intelligence on fleet locations and technology. Spy drones can be attached to enemy ships to intercept valuable enemy communications!

Over 49 types of versatile starship enhancements, ensuring each player becomes a vital team-member!

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